If you practiceTekki,there is no needofprcticing any other kata why?

If you practice Tekki, there is no need of prcticing any other kata.
There are Okinawa masters like Chojun Kobuta who knew only Tekki.

Can any one tell why?

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4 Responses to If you practiceTekki,there is no needofprcticing any other kata why?

  1. Sensei Scandal says:

    Who on earth is Chojun Kobuta?

    As long as I have been involved with Okinawan Martial Arts, I have never heard of this person. And also, the Okinawan Masters did not have a kata called Tekki.

    You need to get your information from a REAL source because however you got this info… it is completely screwed up.

    The person who you might be thinking about is a member of the Royal Family of the Ryukyu Kings. Find out who he is – do some of your own research.

    He believed that Naihanchi was sufficient for you to be able to protect your life in the event of an attack. But if you speak to anyone who has training in the Okinawan Koryu Arts, they would say the same thing.

    I can teach you the two Gekisai Kata from Goju Ryu and show you how to find and extract the hidden applications within these two kata, and you would have a set of techniques that you can use effectively in most situations.

    The reason he and others believed that was because they have a complete understanding of their art. They knew that karate is not just kicking, blocking and punching. They trained in all aspects of karate from Atemi(striking) to Tuidi(grappling hands) to Nagewaza(throwing) and including Kyusho(Vital Point Striking) and Kiko(internal power), they can demolish their enemies.

    Today, very few teachers know and teach this.

    And most people on the internet have a shallow understanding of the Okinawan Arts. They think that karate is kick/punch. This is what the westerners were taught and very few of them received the proper knowledge.

    I hope this clears it up for you.

    But you really need to research for yourself. Most info on wikipedia is flawed and inaccurate – only some of it is okay.

  2. Scotticus maximus says:

    The reason that some masters only knew these three Kata is because these Kata contain a lot more information than the standard practitioner of today might think. Many of the old masters knew what every little detail of the Kata meant. Most practitioners today truly know only bits and pieces of many of the Katas meanings.
    Also, these Kata were called Naifanchi or Naihanchi depending on where they were taught. Tekki is a name given to them by the Japanese.

  3. Kokoro says:

    who the heck is Chojun Kobuta? i have never heard of him

    i agree with sensei scandal, do some more research, and the kata name is naihanchi in okinawa tekki is the japanese versions, all 3 were once one kata.

    back in that era each kata was a style not like it is today where you learn 10, 20 or as many as 60 kata, back then you focused on one kata and that contained every thing you needed to survive. all your strikes, grappling, stand up and ground work was in and still is in all kata. naihanchi i consider a primary grappling kata with few strikes

  4. Verboten says:

    Wikipedia sucks.

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