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Andy Rae Chokan Sensei > ‘Teaching means the imparting of knowledge through specific lessons. A teacher of the Martial Arts is a SPECIALIST who guides his or her students though the development of specific physical and mental skills. Teaching is an integral part of the martial arts. Without good teachers, there can be no future for the art. As an Instructor we become pioneers for the future and a keeper of the wisdom of the past’.

Zenith Martial Arts, is stringent on only choosing the best students to train as instructors. However being a good practitioner of the martial arts does not automatically mean you can become good teacher; the qualifications of a good instructor are many. Yet in the teaching environment the qualities of a good instructor must be considered in human terms, as we are in a people business. So what makes a good instructor Zenith Martial Arts believe the following:

A Deep Well-rounded knowledge: a complete command of the Martial Art and Syllabus we teach. Theory plus application skills equal mastery.

A Good Understanding of Teaching Methods: to be able to communicate knowledge to others in a clear, concise and interesting way.

Enthusiasm and Integrity: be inspired and to be able to inspire others to reach their goals. Student place their trust in their instructor so they know that the instructor is honest and sincere and has a passion for what they teach.

Friendly and Considerate: be sensitive to students opinions and feelings, be fair and honest to everyone. Provide a conflict free atmosphere in which the student can concentrate on learning.

Decisive:  be able to understand what is important and reasonable and what is in the best interest of the student.  Have the capacity and willingness to make good decisions that become an integral part of the class success.

Open Minded:  to be able to use common sense and logical reasoning to see the reality of every situation. Don’t be confined by pride or prejudice.

Perception: teaching exists for the benefit of the student without students there is no instructor, so the instructor must always have consideration for his or her students needs.

Healthy mentally and physically: the instructor must demonstrate that he or she has the mental strength to weather the storms that they may face and have the physical strength to endure the rigors of training and teaching. They must be a leader and set an example for students to follow.

Positive attitude: demonstrating a positive demeanour will be contagious the more positive the instructor the better the teaching and the better the student will become.

Zenith Martial Arts prides itself on having the highest level of instructor training. All Trainee Instructors once they have acquired the level of technical competency as a practitioner undergo special training classes to assess their suitability for teaching.

Once chosen they are police checked and undergo long term training culminated in a level 5 Instructor Accreditation Certificate. The Training cover a multitude of skills as follows:

  • Continue Martial Arts and Self Defence Training (Technical Ability)
  • Fundamental Physical Training and Isometric Exercising
  • Teaching Fundamentals and methodology: (how to teach children and adults alike)
  • Communications
  • Leadership
  • Personal Development
  • Course Setting
  • Class Administration and Accounts
  • Facilities Management
  • Health and Safety
  • First Aid
  • Effective Class Management
  • Confrontation Management
  • Student Grading Appraisal Management

In addition instructors are required to attend a weekly training session with the Head Instructor Chokan Sensei to keep their physical and teaching skill at the highest level.

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