Is a punch bag any good for practising Karate on?

my kicks, punches…etc would it help much? or is there anything else designed for karate inperticular?

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5 Responses to Is a punch bag any good for practising Karate on?

  1. michael s says:

    punch bag is excellent. Noel Edmunds hung upside down would be my choice though.

  2. Tao J says:

    Yes – a heavy bag is very good for developing striking power and footwork in particular.

    I recommend a 70 lb bag or heavier.

    You should always wrap your hands or wear bag gloves to protect them from abrasions and impact injuries when hitting the heavy bag.

  3. TERRY H says:

    yes ,but start on a light bag until you have developed the correct hand /arm alignment. if you experience any discomfort/pain when punching your wrong ,talk to your Sensei.

  4. Mr Economist says:

    Yes. First work on getting both the position and technique of the punches and kicks right, then use the punchbag. Since you have the punchbag to work with, your strikes will become more definite.

  5. Catherine D says:

    it is an excellent way to practise your punches and kicks especially if you are tall you could also practise in front of a mirror so that you can see what you are doing and if you are doing it right you could ask your instructor for other good ways of practising they might even know a way especially for karate

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