Is it a good idea to mix kickboxing and karate?

Hey, I’ve been doing kickboxing for a couple of weeks now and it seems like they only teach you punches and kicks, guess I should have expected that. My point is, would I benefit from starting karate at the same time to also learn some defensive techniques? Any help is appreciated :)

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4 Responses to Is it a good idea to mix kickboxing and karate?

  1. Ben says:

    As a matter of fact kickboxing is a mix of Boxing, Karate and Kung Fu as well as a few bits and pieces from other martial arts. They would benefit each other. I’d suggest learning Karate because it’s like a proper martial, not like a modernized mash up. Basically yes.

  2. ben says:

    Yes, karate can teach you different types of strikes that kickboxing can not. Kick boxing would be a good way to get your body into shape, but karate is great for attacks and movements.

  3. Jim R says:

    The most effective techniques of karate are not allowed in the sport of kickboxing. It is a kick/punch/block sport.
    Karate is a life protection art, with a very large number of “dirty” techniques.
    the two are very different, and they have different goals and methods.
    And yes, your protection ability would improve from good karate instruction.

  4. eleanor says:

    I’m on the other side of the fence to previous answers. I don’t really think the other answers are wrong, but I don’t think they’re right either. I think it would be inadvisable for you to add karate to your kickboxing now for two reasons.

    First, you’re a beginner. For all you know, you’ll be taught blocks and evasions later on. No-one learns everything immediately and certainly not in a fortnight. My experience is that it is best to be a beginner in only one thing at a time, anything else is confusing and sometimes contradictory and so will slow you down. I’d advise a gap of no less than six months but possibly up to two years before taking up a second art – the time interval is down to you to decide when you’re ready to add to your learning. (As a matter of courtesy ask your teacher for advice and ‘permission’ – any good quality sensei or teacher will encourage you to learn more but it is polite to ask.)

    Second, karate and kickboxing have a lot of similarities but as the small differences in fighting techniques are significant it can be confusing even for experienced students. It can look like there are a lot of differences – grade standards, dress code, etiquette, language, protective kit and so on. But if you cast that aside, the strikes and kicks are quite similar. So, my opinion is you choose kickboxing or karate. I don’t suppose it matters which so long as you enjoy it and you’re getting good quality teaching.

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