Is Karate hard to learn?

I’ve been thinking of going to Karate classes but I’m very petite, only 5’1, would this make it a lot harder for me? I’m also quite petite in general size, I’m only a size 6-8, would I get hurt easily? I do have a lot of quiet determination though.

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  1. capricejackson says:

    It does not matter your size and karate is not hard all you need is focus, dedication , determination , and respect you must listen to your teacher and what he or she says you must obay the rules :)

  2. Tom says:

    Don't listen to KW there are many forms of karate. Some is made up crisp and some is highly redpected. Likewise some is hard to learn and some isn't.

    I study Uechi Ryu which is a very traditional Okinawan style. At first it took me a little time to learn the basics but once I got them down it came easier.

    I've also had students pick it up easily and others take some time. But all learned if they kept trying.

    So just know if you want to learn and practice you'll do fine.

  3. Michael Kugler says:

    KW, man, I know you got screwed by a McDojo, but that doesn’t mean that the entire style is all bad.

    Anyway, to the question- No harder for you than anyone else. Every body has it’s advantages and disadvantages, of course, but you’ll adapt your style to yourself over time.

  4. Aon says:

    Hard to learn in comparison to what? I would not call karate easy to learn, but I would not say it is impossible for anyone who is determined to learn. Besides, name one thing in your life that was easy to learn which you still practice and didn’t give up because you got bored? This is going to sound strange to you for now, but EVERYTHING in life that is worthwhile learning requires effort and are not easy.

    Your size does not matter. What good would karate be if it all depends on your size? Isn’t the point of any martial art to enable you to overcome an adversary by skill instead of brute strength?

    You did not know it, but you named last the most important quality that determines whether you learn or not – that “quiet determination”. If you got it, then you are on your way.

  5. Dudeee says:

    If your technique is better than others, then chances are you’re good.

  6. jwbulldogs says:

    Is karate hard? That is subjective to individuals opinions. Some will say yes and others will say no.

    You being small or petite should have little or no factor in your ability to learn. We all learn at our on speed.

    There is a chance anyone or everyone can get hurt. Anytime a person does something that is physical there are the possibilities that they can get injured or hurt.

    Hopefully the class will be challenging as it should be.

  7. Jhon Koplak says:

    there nothing impossible if you want, and you knew every martial artist trough hard training

  8. Rbnsn says:

    Karate is definitely something that requires a lot of focus, commitment and dedication.

    It takes 10+ years to get your 1st dan/black belt in the majority of Karate associations.

    What you need to look for is a good, reputable dojo. If they’re charging an arm and a leg for gradings, classes and all the added extras, don’t go there because they just want your money. They’re more of a business rather than a respected martial arts class.

    At times, karate seems both impossible and also, very easy. This is because there are so many aspects to karate.

    Karate is a great martial art, its well suited to all body styles (i’ve even see wheelchair bound karate competitors and practitioners) you’ll find that so many martial arts are suited to everyone (thats the point)

    Anyways, give it a go. Its a great, all round martial art (striking, kicking, blocking & added locks, throws if you do wado karate)

    Please don’t stem off into korean karate. its americanised, japanese stuff.
    Stick to your okinawan or japanese stuff and you’ll be brilliant!

    Main styles of karate in uk – Wado-ryu, shotokan, shito-ryu

    enjoy x

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