Is there a kata in largo mano eskrima?

Is there a kata (or the equivalent of one) present in Largo Mano Eskrima? And if so is there a video of it or anything like that? I remember my old teacher mentioned something of the sort, but I can’t really find any information on it.

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4 Responses to Is there a kata in largo mano eskrima?

  1. Daoshi says:

    The training is a form or a kata(form).

    They do 2-man drills.

    In Jujutsu, there are kata like that – two man forms. It’s still kata.

  2. ISDS says:

    I agree with Daoshi, the Sombrada (sometimes spelled sumbrada) drills are basically 2 man katas.

  3. kajukat says:

    I haven’t trained in Largo Mano, but I have trained in another style of Arnis. Yes there are forms, but they are a lot, lot shorter than the forms used in Chinese and Okinawan martial arts. A form in my style of Arnis can be as short as 5 moves. But it is still practiced as a form.

  4. Kemjiu ® says:

    Of course there is a kata in largo mano eskrima.

    Such system of escrima / eskrima uses an entended movements, long stepping and arms extension (arnis) to avail a long (largo) mobilization and withdrawal, their kata is what they called “forms” that consist of many formation and angle of movements, wherein on other style of arnis they call it “Sayaw” which means dance.


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