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The History Of Karate

A lot of people think that Karate is the first form of combat that was made by man. Although Karate goes back a long ways, there are actually five other kinds of fighting that lead up to the Karate that we known of today. The main thing to note, is that Karate is an ancient art form of weaponless combat. Now let’s talk a little bit more about the other types of fighting that lead to what Karate is today. When you get done hearing about these, you may be shocked to find out all the different fighting styles that Karate is made up of. However, that is what makes Karate so great. It has taken the backbone of over five of the best fighting styles ever made by man!

The first one is Egyptian Bare handed fighting. This was depicted in most of the pyramid walls. Karate uses a lot of hand work that was used to create this type of fighting. The next is the Roman gladiatorial combat and the Greek Pancration combat. These two count as one, because they are very much alike. Although it is not quite sure which one was studied to make Karate, it is for sure that one of them was used. Most people lean towards the Roman gladiatorial combat, because it is more well known. The next is the Japanese sumo wrestling style. A lot of different take down moves have been brought over from the sumo wrestling and put into Karate (hence why a lot of Karate Moves go for the legs in a tripping like manner). Also taken from the Japanese was the Jujitsu style of fighting, as well as the bare handed samurai fighting arts. Most people think that samurais are only known for their sword work, but they are known for the close combat fighting as well. Next would be the Indian and the Persian foot fighting methods. This kind of fighting can be seen in a lot of their kick moves. Last, but not least, the weaponless type of fighting from Thailand and Vietnam.

Now, as we all know, Karate is a type of fighting form that is used all over the world, not just in places like China. So how did some of these other places start to use Karate? For Japan, it was bound to happen sooner or later. Japan had already developed their own kind of martial arts form, like sumo wrestling. They also had ju hitsu as well as judo. However, around the turn of the century a lot of high schools had started working karate into their physical education requirements to pass. It was about this time that the Japaneses Army became very interested in karate as well. Thus, they worked it into their physical fitness benefits, and the whole army started to learn karate.

Of course, because Japan learned it, other places were bound to find it as well. In fact, after World War II, America was aware of this fighting style as well. They had seen it used and wanted to learn it. Thus, Karate made its way over to the States. Now it is very big in the United States, and it’s hard to visit any city that does not have some karate training place. Many kids learn it to help them fight off bullies at school who like to pick on smaller kids. Since karate is all about mind over matter, you are able to take down people twice your size. You are able to use their size against them. Of course, karate was too much on a role to stop there, and so it spread to other places.

Korea has always used Tae Kwon Do as their fighting system. That is when it comes to unarmed combat. The funny thing about Tae Kwon Do is that it is almost identical to the Japanese form of Karate. Of course, Tae Kwon Do is something that dates back a lot further than Karate. In fact, it can be found in the ancient history of Korea. However, there is no question that over time it has been influenced by the recent Japanese Karate. People can say that both fighting styles have influenced each other. However, it seems a lot more likely that the Tae Kwon Do has been influenced by Japanese Karate.

Learning the ways of karate is not as hard as one may think. In fact, Karate is shown to kids all over the world. However, a lot of people now feel that karate is great for everyone to learn, not just kids. In fact, women are being taught a lot of karate now. This helps them be able to fight off attacks. When you think about it, karate is perfect for anyone that might have to fight anyone that is larger than they are. For example, women having to fight off men, and children have to fight off grown ups or other kids. It takes a long time to master this kind of fighting style, and it is something that you have to work on a lot. If you stop doing it for a long time, then it does not come back very easily. It is something that you have to keep working on for a long time to have any chance of mastering it.
The history of Karate is a long one, and is based on a lot of fighting styles. However, that is what makes it one of the best. When you take the best fighting styles from around the world and you put them together, you make the best fighting style. Everyone is always saying that one fighting style is never better than another, that each fighting style has its own strong points. Well, if that is the case, what would you get if you took all of the best things out of all the fighting styles and put them together? You would get karate! That is why so many people love karate. It is like the best of the best when it comes to the world of weaponless combat. If you want to be all that you can be, then you have to learn Karate.

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