karate or ice skating?

ive been doing karate for the past 3 and a half years. but after watching something on tv i think i would like to do ice skating (partners) but im not 100% sure what i should do.
for ice skaters out there what does it take to do partner skating, and am i too old to start now? (14)
any help i will be thankful for!
im a bluebelt(3 more til back)
as for ice skating experience, i have taught myself to go backwards, forwards, stop etc.

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16 Responses to karate or ice skating?

  1. Citizen says:

    It helps if you’ve got a fit body. Oh, yes.

  2. Ellie says:


  3. ibs says:

    do both, never too young

  4. lazybird2006 says:

    Ice skating, more exciting, yet graceful

  5. michelle a says:

    You can do both.

    Many people have two hobbies.

    Try skating, join a club or have some lessons and see how you feel. At your age you can learn things so fast, its never too late to start something new.

    Good luck!

  6. astralprojector says:

    ice skating is more fun. it will take awhile to be skilled enough for partner skating, and remember you will be in a class with girls half your age. its not to late to start, but consider it takes years of practice to be really good

  7. lubelyme says:

    you are not too old to start. I started figure skating when i was 14! i would recomend ice skating. try something new, see how much you like it, then decide. Ice skating is graceful and elegant and Karate is very cool and good self defense. Karate is very cool also, what level are you on? good luck

  8. Eekers S says:

    you should try it out for a couple of months (ice skating, i mean). But even if you decide you do want to do ice skating for longer than that, karate’s already your thing and you shouldn’t quit. you should do both if you want, but don’t quit karate.

  9. 2Negative says:

    I would be more impressed to by a girl that is skilled in karate. In the end however it’s your choice. You must do whats right for you.

  10. <3Lauren<3 says:

    Your deffinately not too old to do ice skating. I used to ice skate, it’s fun. If you have no ice skating experience it might be heplful if you went lessons first, without a partner so you can develop your own skills and learn jumps and spins, when you become more advanced then you can get a partner and enter competitions or you could skate with a partner for fun making up routines. You could also still karate aswell, it might help buid your strenthg for ice skating.

    Hope t his helps Lauren ((14))

  11. shariwharton says:

    as a second dan black belt in martial arts – i know which one i prefer.

    blimey 14 isnt old….you’ve got to do absolutely everything you want to when you are young, everything you want to do, just do. time goes so fast so just do it.

    do karate and ice skating – life is for living :) good luck.

  12. WhoMe? says:

    If you can do both, do both. If you have to pick one or the other, stick with karate. You may know your kata’s and defence moves like the back of your hand now, but if you quit and in a few years time find you need to use it….

  13. Yin Yang Ninja says:

    Stick to Karate and dabble in ice skating and no your not to old at ( 14 )

  14. rose b says:

    do both, they are both good sports in different ways

  15. Invansion says:

    I prefer Karate but in the same time I have to say you have to do what you think you have passion on and love the most.


  16. Bryn says:

    do karate on ice

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