Karate question: Do you carry the same colour belt if you go into another Karate style?

Just say I was an orange belt in Shotokan Karate. Would I still be an orange belt in a different Karate style, or do the belts restart?
Judo isn’t a Karate style / isn’t a branch of Karate. I want to know if a person keeps the same belt if they move into a different branch of Karate.

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9 Responses to Karate question: Do you carry the same colour belt if you go into another Karate style?

  1. M-Tri says:

    you go back to white belt

  2. zgoakland says:

    Different discipline, techniques, styles, belts…… although some will let you test out if you feel you know all of the above. That’s why I box, wrestle and train in mma, no need to worry about a belt color, just learn how to fight. good luck.

  3. Shihan J says:

    why should you, where you taught the other style?
    more then likely no, but you should move up faster then the others, not all styles teach the same kata, or do the techniques the same, you will have to relearn a lot of it

  4. white devil says:

    Some will allow you to transfer rank, but most want to teach you from beginner up. It would have to be the same style most likely.

  5. Kat says:

    It depends on the dojo really.
    Some places will allow you to just automatically keep it, some places with say no right away and make you start as a white belt and others will let you test to see what you know and either let you keep the belt or maybe drop you down a few levels but not right down to a white belt.

    When I switched from goju-ryu to wado-ryu karate I was only a yellow belt so I was allowed to keep the belt, however I know someone who switched as a brown belt and was dropped down to an orange belt.

  6. Daniel says:

    NO!!! That is truly a stupid question…. An orange belt in Shotokan does not mean you are an orange belt in Judo… Some don’t even use an orange belt…

  7. Just Jim says:

    Usually you can keep your belt if you want. The new Sensei will keep you at that level until you are ready for whatever is next.

    Some make you begin again at white, but what’s the point? Either way, you don’t move beyond your current color until you qualify in the new style.

  8. arcobaleno hitman says:

    back to white belt.

  9. lean says:

    Unfortunately no, it would be easier if all the belts were the same however i guess that’s just another part of marital art character for yah :) any way no it wouldn’t be the same (or i seriously doubt it) i do Easton Shotokan and i was trying to transfer to a Traditional Shotokan group and even there belt system is different but only slightly. However when you are black belt you can keep your belt when you join a different group. For coloured belts its harder to do as you have to figure out what level you are but i think they would put you at white belt unless you are black belt of course.

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