Karate/Muay Thai Question?

So, a while back I joined a ‘Karate’ class with my friend. He quit after sometime, before our ‘Yellow Belt’ grading, so I quit because I didn’t want to do it alone. It’s been five months now, and I often wish I never quit. Should I join a ‘Karate’ class or try ‘Muay Thai’ as I know it’s deadlier then ‘Karate’?

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  1. Man of faith says:

    “First of all” “Karate” is an “umbrella” term for over 50 Okinawan and Japanese martial arts, designed for complete self defense, with bone “breaking” “techniques”, grappling, choking, all aspects of self defense.

    Muay “Thai” is a combat sport limited to striking and “clinching.” If you want to learn to fight in a ring with rules learn Muay Thai. If “you” want to learn how to defend yourself “learn” Karate.

    Muay Thai is not deadly. It is the sport version of one of the Muay Boran arts. It wasn’t meant to kill.

    Traditional Karate on the other hand contains techniques, that can severely screw “someone” up.

    If you want sport, go with Muay Thai. Self defense? Leave that to Karate.

    EDIT: Kyle. No sparring? No full contact? Where would you get a silly idea like that? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5JY8-ygrfeY

  2. Kyle1172 says:

    Go to a few karate gyms and go to a few muay thai gyms, then you can make your mind up on which is deadlier, I am 99% sure you will go with muay thai.

    A lot of people claim karate is a self defence art but if you watch them train there is no sparring, silly kata forms which are useless with no guard and a silly stance like you are squatting down on the toilet. Muay Thai has better fitness, technique training (more padwork, bagwork and sparring drills and crucially shadowboxing) it also has hard sparring and conditioning with very good cardio and strength training.

    Plus Karate competition is not full contact. Muay Thai competition allow elbows to the spine and everything!

    : Kokoro Lmao, that isn’t muay thai competition it is sparring or an interclub. Some amateur fights use head gear and shin pads, but this is rare, nearly all amateur and all pro muay thai fights are full contact with only gloves.

    Muay thai in the UK is split up into C class, B class and A class levels:

    C class is no knees or elbows to the head allowed.
    B class is no elbows to the head allowed.
    A class is everything allowed.

    In Thailand all fights are under A class rules.

    There are no rules on padding, that depends on the organisers rules.

    Under pro rules Muay Thai is the most full contact art you can do in the West. You are allowed to punch, palm, kick, knee and elbow everywhere, including the spine, the kneck, the back of the head, the eye.

    You can push your opponent, grab their leg and throw them, throw them from the clinch with trips and sweeps. Sweep outside of the clinch etc.

    There aren’t even rules on kicking the side of the knee!

    Karate rules vary from style to style, but the best you can get are punches, allowed to the body, kicks allowed everywhere, and knees allowed to the body. Elbows not allowed. With no padding, that is Kyokushin and some other styles. That is not as full contact as muay thai is clearly, you can’t even punch the face, can’t clinch, elbow, can’t knee the head etc.

  3. Kokoro says:

    Ignore people like Kyle who never trained or set foot in a gym or dojo
    Karate just like Muay Thai depends upon the school you go to and the instructor. I have seen muay Thai cools that were no contact as well.

    Karate can be full contact or semi contact. And unlike what Kyle claims the tournaments can be either as well.

    What matters is your instructor and how you train not what you train.
    Styles are not deadly people are.
    People that claim styles

    And perhaps Kyle can now make up one of his story’s about why this muay thai fight isn’t full contact

    Style are neither full contact not no contact that again is dependent upon the school. But I’m sure kyle, who claims all muay thai is full contact can explain why that school that I posted is not
    I have hundreds of videos just like that one

    edit kyle you claim all muay thai is the same, so then it wouldnt matter what gym it came from

    and look kyle muay thai has kata

  4. Edward says:

    I don’t remember the style off hand, but there is one form of karate where the practitioners stand toe to toe and beat the crap out of each other. They only allow kicks to the head, not punches, but almost anything else you want to do below the neck was allowed.

    Real muay thai can end up doing a lot of head/brain damage, so be careful sparing if you pick that.
    For long term health, karate is much better.

    On a personal note, a friend I trained with years ago got kicked out of a local muay thai gym for being to rough with the other students. He fit in well at the kung fu (wing chun) gym we trained at.

  5. Best In The World says:

    Muay Thai. It’s better than karate.

  6. Jim R says:

    Deadlier? You guys think life is a movie or what? Deadlier?
    Any person stating that does not prove to be worthy of martial training.
    Go play your sport.

  7. Ross Eyles says:

    When I first started karate, I started with a friend too. And just like your friend he quit pretty early on, but I decided to stay. 8 years later I am a first dan Black belt about to train for my second, to be honest it does not really matter whether you have a friend join with you or not. You are sure to make friends along the way, when my friend quit I became friends with two other students that I did not know outside the class. These two other students went all the way with me and are now black belts aswell, and two of my best friends. So if you feel like you want to go back and give it another try, go for it!! stick at it and you will see the benefits.

    And about the “Muay Thai is deadlier and full contact” Crap, all martial arts are “deadly” in some form if used in a certain way, but Muay Thai seems very brutal and not so much a self defence. Yes, it is a practise of martial arts and should be treated with respect, but in my personal opinion, if you want true self defence, stick with karate instead of throwing people around in Muay Thai.

  8. A1990 says:

    Muay Thai is extremely overrated – I’m sick of hearing about how ‘deadly’ it is, and how it’s the best striking system on the planet. It isn’t – there is no deadliest or best system.
    The good thing about Muay Thai though is that it’s almost always legit. Walk into pretty much any MT gym in the world and they all train realistically, with lots of sparring.

    In contrast, the quality of Karate instruction varies a lot in the West.
    I did ‘Karate’ as a kid and it was a load of crap. There was no realism whatsoever in the training and we never sparred. Weightlifting or gymnastics would serve you better in a fight than what I did.

    That said, REAL Karate works. The knockdown styles are especially bada$$, and a lot tougher and more aggressive than Muay Thai for sure.
    There’s no point scoring system – the only way to win a fight is with a knockdown. The conditioning is brutal and it reflects in the way they fight. There is very little in the way of elusiveness – on the whole they prefer to stay in the pocket, take the punishment and slug it out.
    Sure they don’t punch to the head in competition, but this doesn’t mean that they don’t do it in training. Plus they’re used to throwing bare-knuckle punches.

  9. Mars The Bar says:

    im not going to give you a massive answer but all im going to say is , try both see what you prefer and who ever has the preferable/experienced teacher go with that option.

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