kata people weapons defense ?

do you feel kata technique covers anti weapon defenses adequately or are additional courses and technique required?
jwbulldog……I can figure out if you are attempting an answer or evading an answer because you don’t know.Everybody understands it’s not just kata thanks for pointing out the obvious.
I think it is safe to assume the masters who created these forms gave consideration to armed assault in their creation .Fire arms were not prevalent in their day so these defenses would probably center around knife attacks or any weapon that would involve slashing thrusting technique.

Guns are a whole different issue .If the intent is to kill it is likely you will be shot before you can do anything .If possible it is best to do some “broken field running ” don’t run in a straight line even people trained to use a gun would be hard pressed to hit you with a hand gun.

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  1. Aaron J says:

    Just my lowly opinion.

    I believe that kata do cover weapon defense adequately. Its all how kata are taught and how the individual studying them understands their inlayed concepts. All except a gun or anything larger when there is separation between attacker and defender. There’s really nothing one can do in those situations anyway, except comply, find appropriate cover, or use a projectile to take out the attacker… and that’s not really covered in kata, but in outside training.

    That said I would not be one to say that there is no reason for additional courses, and or technique to learn. There is and will always be room for improvement, and changes in point of view for greater understanding. I believe that this was the aim of all Traditional Martial Arts at their onset, and why Mixed Martial Arts came into the world with such popularity in recent dates.

    The only thing I believe about studying Mixed Martial Arts, is that it takes the individual practitioner into too many directions at once. This for an experienced individual in one course of study will be OK as they have a frim background and experience in a particular system of thought. However, for the person just starting out, they will flounder as to application understanding, as they are trying to understand several different schools of thought at once.

    Edit- for jwbulldog

    If anybody’s wondering about the thumbs down. It wasn’t bunminjutsu it was me. That type of response is an unnecessary one and rude to the poster. I also believe that you should by now understand who the people asking these types of questions are and those who respond by their names. I recognize yours as you’ve been on here for a long time. The regulars haven’t changed save two, and we don’t need a lesson that you would give a pompus windbag. The general point of these questions is to see who understands what and help those who don’t see the light, but wants to.

  2. jwbulldogs says:

    Her is a setup question….

    Katas are only a part of your training. Your training should include a variety of lessons.

  3. THE_Sparkchaser ATL says:

    With a good instructor, kata is an EXCELLENT training tool for weapons defense. A good instructor will help the student break down the individual techniques and show “real life” applications for each technique, both while the kata is being performed alone, and while using techniques within the kata in one-on-one training. In fact, my instructor will introduce the new techniques before teaching the kata, so that when we get to it in the form, we are already familiar with the application and can execute it more realistically.

    The arguement can even be made that every bona fide technique that you are taught is contained in one kata or another. The key is in understanding the full application of each individual technique, which only comes with repetition and good training.

  4. katana172 version 2 says:

    I would definetly say that the kata we have in our style have excellent techniques for dealing with weapons. Too many people assume that because karate means empty hand that no type of weapons training is involved. i actually had a young brown belt from the Uk that practaces a Japanese style accuse me of going to a McDojo because in his words “karate doesn’t use weapons”. That would come as a shock to our founder who trained Okinawan kobudo and incorperated the sai. Bo, and tonfa into our style.

    My instructor says in order to defned a weapon you first have to learn how o use it. While we have no knife kata’s, we do quite a bit of sparring knife on knife. I do knowthat kata contains multiple weapons defense, in fact if you go with the premise in Okinawin karate that a weapon is just an extention of the body, then you could say almost any technique in kata could be used as a weapons defense.

    The key is havng an instructor that can teach you.

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