Killing in self defense…?

After another day of evaluating myself, I’ve come across a dilemma.

Would it be a sin to kill someone in self defense?

I remember reading/hearing a verse before were JESUS disagreed with PETER use of violence to defend the group. PETER in his act of defense cut off one of the soldiers who wanted to take JESUS away, JESUS did not rejoice but instead picked up the soldiers ear and fused it back to the mans head. JESUS then something along the lines of live by the sword then die by the sword.

I know there has been cases were the people of israel went into battle, but usually they were instructed to do so with the name of GOD.

But if I’m not instructed to kill someone by GOD then what option would i have, even if i looked at the 10 commandments, I would see a rule made by GOD ‘do not kill’ .

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15 Responses to Killing in self defense…?

  1. Henry Thepuggle says:

    Jesus was a pussy. He only wanted Peter to kill gays and fortunetellers.

  2. Gold says:

    Stfu and do what u want. God only decides in the afterlife.

  3. Tommy says:

    No gods or devils exist anywhere outside of any ones improperly programed, prenatal or unstable childish, brainwashed mind!!! Do whatever you must to keep you and your loved ones safe!!!

  4. Well isn't that special says:

    God says not to murder. He doesn’t say not to defend yourself? Why do you think Peter had a sword to begin with? Why do you think Jesus choose a pretty tough group of guys to follow him? He knew for a time he might encounter violence. But when it came time to be crucified, he knew it was time. That is why he wouldn’t let Peter defend him at that time.

  5. sparky_dy says:

    It depends. There are situations where a person will not respond to reason, and under those circumstances it may be necessary to use force, especially where there is a risk to others.

    Killing in self-defence is a disproportionate response if there is a way to resolve the situation without the use of deadly force. And anyone who deliberately exacerbates a situation to the point where force is required must share the blame for whatever happens subsequently.

  6. joe714 says:

    how many people could Jesus have killed in self defense if He had chosen to do so?
    I read a book about a conscientious objector who won the medal of honor. he was a medic on the battlefield and refused to carry a weapon. see below.

  7. Ephraim says:

    The Bible says do not murder. The intent is that you don’t attack others, defending your life is fine. If you read scripture in context you will see that Jesus rebuked Peter because he was to be crucified and Peter was trying to stop it which would be against the will of God. That’s what I saw anyway.
    John 18:11
    Then said Jesus unto Peter, Put up thy sword into the sheath: the cup which my Father hath given me, shall I not drink it?

  8. Boxerman says:

    Ungodly killing in self defense of someone points a weapon at you but the dumb f#cks who set the laws in the backwards state of Texas have made it legal to kill someone if they steal from you like the guy who was acquitted for murdering a prostitute because she refused to have sex with him.
    And if an unarmed person robs a store a pretty much encouraged to get out a sniper rifle and shoot them in the back from 1km as they running away.

  9. zach says:

    Intersting, let’s look at it from a Buddhist standpoint. Buddhism looks upon killing anything not just humans as a particularly bad thing. The Dalai Lama says that if one must defend himself then by all means do so, but you will still have to accept your karmic reprocussions. So basically you can defend yourself, but it doesn’t make killing right.

  10. Kevin7 says:

    If you are in TRUE physical danger, contact the police do not take matters in your own hand

  11. Tiffany says:

    No, it is not sinful to kill in self defense. If I remember correctly, this is specifically addressed in Leviticus. If someone tries to rape your mom, will you just stand there, or will you do whatever it takes to stop the rapist, to include killing him? If the person truly values life (especially his/her own), then the person won’t commit the acts (crimes) that require the physical intervention of others. His commandment is referring to murder which is not just malicious and unjust killing, but hating your brother or even being angry with him without cause (see Matt 5:21-26).

    Looking at war from your self defense perspective:
    War is not sinful, otherwise He never would have commanded His followers to use it in the Old Testament, neither would He use it Himself (see Revelation 12:7-17 and 19:11-21). If war were sinful, God would not have assisted Joshua and the Israelites in their wars (Joshua 6:1-5 and Joshua 10). Hasty or unjustified war (warmongering) is wrong (see Numbers 13:26-14:45, Deuteronomy 14:44-45, Proverbs 20:18 and 24:6, Luke 14:31-32). When every other option fails, war must happen; it is God’s last resort, and should be that way for us as well. God will not tolerate cowardice (see
    Revelation 21:7-8).

    Being a soldier is not a sin:
    The first Gentile to recognize Jesus as the Son of God was a Roman Soldier (Matt 27:54). He spoke highly of a centurion’s faith by stating that He had not found such great faith in all of Israel (Matt 8:8-13 and Mark 15:39). If the man had been doing something wrong by serving as a soldier, would not Jesus have corrected him first, and THEN healed his servant? The first Gentile convert was a Centurion named Cornelius (see Acts 10). Had he been sinning by being a soldier, God would have told Peter to correct on this AND share the Gospel with him, but He only told him to bring him the Gospel.

    We are soldiers of Jesus Christ (2 Timothy 2:1-4), and Jesus is the commander of the LORD’s army (Joshua 5:13-15; compare to Exodus 3:4-6). In 2Cor 10:1-6, Paul describes the Christian life as a constant spiritual war, not niceties. The devil attacks us with thoughts, and we must take them captive using the weapons of the spirit (later described in Eph 6). Would Paul use the imagery of battle, if it were ungodly or inappropriate? In Eph 6:10-20, Paul tells us to put on the whole armor of God so that we can stand against the devil. He then describes our battle as wrestling against powers, principalities and the rulers of the darkness of the world rather than against flesh and blood. He goes on to name and describe the components of the armor of God, telling us to stand after we have done all we can. We stand firm while God fights the battle. Only one piece of the armor (or any soldier’s armor) is offensive: the sword. Everything else is protective. The sword is used to destroy evil while the defensive portions (helmet, breastplate, shoes, belt, and shield) prevent the destruction of the soldier (by evil). Would Paul use this analogy if it were incompatible with the Christian life?

    In Lk 3:10-15, John the Baptist had several people approach him after being baptized who asked what they should do with their lives: When the soldiers approached him, he told them to “do violence unto no man, neither accuse any falsely, and be content with your wages.” He is essentially telling them to serve morally, perhaps because soldiers were known for behaving immorally at the time. Unlike when Jesus dealt with the woman caught in adultery, John did not tell the soldiers to “go and sin no more.” The woman caught in adultery was acting against God’s character by being an adulteress, but the soldiers would only be acting against God’s character by doing the things that John addressed (or violating any other of the 10 commandments), not by being soldiers.

    In Acts 22:22-30, Paul is bound and nearly scourged by Roman soldiers, but he challenges their authority to do this by asking if it is lawful to do such a thing to Roman (referring to himself). This was another opportunity to challenge the morality of their occupation, but he doesn’t, he merely challenges the legality of what they are about to do to him in their own ignorance of his status as a Roman citizen

    If war and/or being a soldier were sinful, He would have told us plainly, for He is not the author of confusion (1 Corinthians 14:33).

    However, there is a time for everything; a time of war and a time of peace (Ecclesiastes 3:8).

  12. Fah King says:

    the actual commandment is ‘do not murder’. Killing of ALL sorts is biblically acceptable… plants and animals, of course, but of humans, in self defense, in defense of others, at times of war, when legally required or permitted, even accidental killing is not sinful. None of these are murder, THATS the commandment

  13. Teawitch says:

    For those who say that robbers have no guns or let the police handle it are just dreaming or wishing. 1. If you are being robbed, the person who is taking your stuff will not hesitate to take your life as well. AND you never know if they have a weapon of ANY kind.
    2. Sure, call the police but in MOST places the response time is over 10 mins or more so by the time they get there you are already dead.
    Now, for your question: The term “killing in self defense” is sort of an oxymoron. You are allowed to defend yourself, family, friends, property and country. You may or may not have to take a life, but Kill/murder implies premeditation which is not what should happen. If someone should die while you are defending yourself (etc.) then though it is sad, it is accepted as it had to happen…

  14. Nous says:

    So you are in the mall with your family and a gunman starts shooting people at random. Close to you is a fully loaded gun that has been dropped. The gunman keeps shooting people and then turns the gun towards members of your family!

    so would you stand there and watch them die?

    Surely if you have the ability to shoot him to stop so many others dying you should do?

    If you did not would you not be equally as guilty of every act he carries out?!

  15. Hogie says:

    The context of the ten commandments in this case is about the “illegal” killing of another without due process of law. Killing in war, or killing in self defense is seen in Scripture as being justified and “legal”.


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