Kumite Etiquettes


A lower grade student must always show respect to the higher grade during Kumite.

A student must not show aggression towards a higher grade. The higher Grade initiates and sets the rate and tempo of Kumite.

There should be no contact during sparring and the lower grade student should be especially careful not to make contact on the higher grade.

You must not grab or hold the leg of your partner during Kumite.

It is unnecessary to crunch the leg or arm of your partner with heavy blocks.

No hook kicks, crescent kicks or sweeps below brown belt level.

No spinning kicks allowed.

If your partner gets one or more successful techniques in, do not ignore it by staying in close and continuing your own attack. Acknowledge them and then continue. If your partner executes a clean, well-timed technique, it is considered good etiquette to acknowledge it.

If accidental contact is made by you, stop, acknowledge your error, then continue.

If a student makes repeated contact, the Sensei may ask them to discontinue Kumite until they are satisfied the student has the required level of control to safely engage in Kumite (This may be several weeks). The same applies to a student with an over aggressive or poor attitude.

A higher grade may reprimand a lower grade during Kumite if they are making contact or are over aggressive.

A lower grade does not ask a higher grade to spar.

All safety equipment must be worn during the practice of Kumite. This includes, hand and foot protectors and a mouth guard. If a student does not have this equipment he or she must not participate in Kumite.

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