Kung fu vs Karate?

Which should i study, Lau Gar Kung fu or Shotokan karate?

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9 Responses to Kung fu vs Karate?

  1. joschoa says:

    Karate is basically just white crane, a branch of Kung fu, only lighter, but not as effective in actual fights. Might as well take kung fu.

  2. Bobby J says:

    Answer for yourself first: Why do I want to study in the first place? Self Defense? To join a tradition? compete? What type of competition? For physical activity, discipline, for fun, for giggles?

    Then rather than worry about the art itself, go to the school. If you like what you see, try a class out. If you like the instructor and students, it is a good match.
    btw: if you are looking for defense, the class must spar and do it at combat speed.

  3. Beatchanter says:

    Of those two, I’d go with Lau Gar Kung Fu. It is actually very similar to Goju-ryu Karate if you see both in practice. Shotokan is often taught well, but there are some McDojos. I’ve never seen a Lau Gar McDojo in my experience, so it’s more likely you’ll find a good school. Check them both out though, and make your own decision. If the Shotokan school is serious, it’s a good style, go for it.

  4. shootersway says:

    Someone once was said “kung fu is like trigonometry karate is basic math”

    Why would you use trig to solve a problem that in 999 out of 1000 cases the answer is 1+1=2
    But like a previous poster said “what’s your goal?” decide by that.

  5. ccadwell says:

    If the Shotokan is the branch under Oshima Sensei or the SKA (Shotokan Karate of America) then it is an efficient, traditional martial art. SKA pracitces smart, street fighting self defense, not tournament style. I’m not sure about the Kung Fu. Trial them both and find for yourself. If possible visit a Shotokan specail training

  6. JOHN H says:

    I have practiced both Kung Fu and Shotokan Karate. My choice was Kung Fu because the style and teaching from my Master suited me. Everyone is different, what suits Bob , may not suit Bill. That is why there are so many styles and Martial Arts in this world. Everyone is different, there is no bad style or Martial Art, only bad teachers, otherwise the art would have ceased years ago. There is something to suit everyone, go and try them both and let your mind decide which is best for you.

  7. foolinthedeck says:

    oh wait that wasnt an option…

    ok, visit both schools. Keep an open mind and ask alot of questions – not necessarily verbally.

    it does depend on what you are looking for, what the teachers are like, what the students are like etc.

    Dont be fooled by: lineage, flashiness, uniforms, language, boasts etc.

    Some martial arts are like cheap wine – they get you drunk easily but no one ever developed a taste for them, others are like olives – bitter tasting but you develop a real taste for them

  8. Zenlife07 says:

    I’ve studied both!!!

    Shotokan is very traditional and good for developing stance training and excellent kata.

    Lau Gar is very fluid like freestyle kickboxing.

    Its down ultimatly what you prefer sport or traditional ,personally I’d choose shotokan even though my main style is ju-jitsu :)

  9. TERRY H says:

    for me lau guar . personal preference

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