Martial Arts, Kata Stance?

Where can I get a step-by-step, web print out, chart, or book on Kata Stances?
I want to use it for exercising & stretching, I use to watch my dad and brothers work out everyday, they all live in diffrent states now.

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6 Responses to Martial Arts, Kata Stance?

  1. Jack B says:

    i would avoid any type of Kata if i were you. Bruce lee’s fighting style is much more effective because one is not bound by a single Kata, but instead is free to be a more versatile fighter.

  2. David N says:

    Depends on which martial art the kata is from!

  3. Ray H says:

    You could probably get one from Barnes&Noble or amazon.

  4. Aggie80 says:

    Go to any book store site an search on the style of martial arts that you wish to study. There are books available on most of the main styles that provide step by step kata pictures. They are difficult to learn kata from, but are great for reminding you what the next move is and the proper stances at the end of the moves.

  5. BUSHIDO says:

    go to a class and learn.put your hand in your purse and pay for it like everyone else tightwad.

  6. Lleu says:

    Books are not sufficient. There is nothing like having an instructor move your legs. Once an eigth degree black belt fixed my head position. Apparently, it wasn’t tilted enough. That is not something you’d find out about in a book.

    Regardless, there are better ways of excersizing and stretching.

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