MMA kata question please?

Do you do any Ukemi no kata at all as a practitioner? if so what types, Im looking to add to my own Ukemi no Kata. Thank you.
Yeah Ray V Ukemi no kata is extremely important to any MMA practitioner dude. So yes there are Katas for serious MMA practitioners man.
So james what you’re saying is that you’re really not a MMA practitioner? And that Ukemi no kata doesn’t exist? Wow …mmmmmm……k
I see James likes to “hurt” when it comes to getting slammed huh? That makes perfect sense.

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5 Responses to MMA kata question please?

  1. Ray V says:

    they study katas in an MMA class?

  2. MMA.James says:

    No there are no katas in MMA,as there isnt a Colord Belt System. Katas?There are no Katas in Muay Thay,Kickboxing,BJJ,or Judo,which is what 99.999.99999.999% Of What the MMA Community is Learning.

  3. Tao J says:

    I have attached a video of ukemi no kata. It’s basically learning to fall down from various positions without sustaining injury – we practice “breakfalls” but it’s essentially the same thing.

    I have done these types of exercises in Tae Kwon Do / Hapkido classes, but now (I study JKD, BJJ, MT mainly) we don’t do them alone – we use a partner to simulate the actual takedown or throw, fall, and rapid shift to defensive posture that is needed AFTER the throw / fall. I guess it’s the same functionally, but we practice to learn how to control our own body in relation to our partner which I think is more practical. It’s not a “kata” per se, but a drill that works the same way.

    We start off breaking down the takedown, the head, body, and limb positions throughout the fall, and the transition after. We then work through the fall slowly, and from low on the mat (knees down when possible) and work up to faster / more forceful responses to one another. Then we add in the follow-up transition to defensive posture on the bottom, and try to pass guard from the top. There are so many possible scenarios I can’t describe them all, but we drill falling / landing with a partner.

  4. judomofo says:

    We work Ukemi pretty much every day. But we initially teach it the same way it is taught virtually everywhere.

    Start with squatting position have them fall back, sideways, etc.

    Then walking Ukemi, straight up standing breakfalls to the rear, sides, and forward, then rolls forward and backward.

    Every day as part of our warm up we have rolls, and and side break falls…

    Without knowing that, and getting these guys used to ducking their chins and not leaving arms out you would have a lot of injuries.


    <— MMA school owner.

  5. nwohioguy says:

    I would actually be shocked if any of the MMA school owners out there actually knew what Ukemi is or a Kata for that matter.

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