Need help on deciding good competition kata?

I need a kata (preferably shotokan) that is good for competitions. needs to be showy, have tempo variation and look gutsy. ill be willing to learn almost any kata please provide a link if possible (youtube or something)

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  1. jwbulldogs says:

    I don’t know your rank. But for a black belt, not shotokan. Chinto or kusansaku or my favorite gojishiho.

    I know shotokan has its version I’m partial to this one.

  2. Shihan J says:

    well if your a black belt i would recommend one of the following.
    also keep in mind you can do a brown belt kata even if you are a high ranking black belt there is nothing wrong with that, and the level i suggest does vary form dojo to dojo slightly except for the advance kata’s
    kanku dai/sho (lower black belt, high brown)
    bassai dai/sho (lower black belt, high brown)
    gankaku (chinto)
    unsu, gojushiho dai/sho advance black belt

  3. curious1 says:

    Gankaku was one of the toughest katas I had to go up against when I used to compete! This is coming from a Shurite competitor against a Shotokan competitor! Kanazawa (sp?) has all his katas on the net.

  4. dmaud56 says:

    Ah, dude, I honestly think that the judges don’t care how “showy” a Kata is, I think they’re more concerned with how well you know it. Want to see a Kata that is not “showy” and yet has good execution, what a Kata should look like?


    And here is another, from the man himself Gichin Funakoshi;

    The video does not do the man justice because it has no sound, but observe how much cleaner Funakoshi’s moves are compared to the girl’s. I can’t say I speak for the people who witnessed the Kata, but I can guarantee, that maybe it is better that the video has no sound at all.

    Consider how much power that girl generated from the sharpness of her moves. Imagine how much more power and “noise” Funakoshi himself must have generated; to have actually have been there, would have been a frightening experience.

    If the girl sounds like she has a lot of power, Funakoshi sensei’s power is probably 10 times that much, judging from the near flawless perfection of his moves. Also, to show you that the girl is a competent Karateka, here is the least competent Karateka of the trio I was planning to show you;

    In order of competence, naturally Funakoshi sensei is at the top, followed by the girl, and then the dude in the last link. Notice that the power of their strikes and blocks came not from the way they were built, but from how flawless their technique execution was. Now, considering that flawless execution is what generates power, try to imagine how frightening Funakoshi’s video would be if it actually had sound.

    What I am trying to say is even a simple Kata may win you a tournament if you know it really well, so, whatever you know, whatever your “best one” is, practice that one dilligently and you may shock the audience.

    good luck.

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