*Need help with sparring!(Karate)?

Ok the problem is, I have a karate competition on Sunday, sparring, my first competition. I can spar, but my problem is people always seem to tell where I’m going to hit. The only way I can hit well is when I trick people e.g go to do a mai geri, then come in with a jodan punch. But my Sensei said I can’t do the whole competition tricking people, how can I make sure people don’t block my every move!?

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  1. (The) Sky (Is Falling) says:

    Flip out with quick and sneaky punches and stuff.
    Also use the 123 trick.
    Use an attack once (an easily blocked kick or something), do the same exact thing again, then the third time, do a different kick to the opposite side of your opponent’s body.
    Hope this helps.

  2. lmohmohammed says:

    Well ive been in a few sparring competions myself and the thing you should do is when your opponent tries to attack you block and counter attack. but dont forget to mix it up a little. hope my help has been useful.
    by the way im purple belt with brown stripe. Mind body spirit.

  3. Big daddy says:

    Well ive never done karate before but i have one many gold medals at tae kwon do sparring plus i’m a black belt at that .

    Well when ever i do sparring i always try to have variety , change your moves or counter attack . When they do their moves you block them and attack 😉 . i hope it kinda helps 😛

  4. nogginiman says:

    dont watch their body..watch their eyes and you can get a better handle on what they are doing and how to counter it instead of trying to trick them…plus it psyches them out big time when you are looking at them in the eye all the time…good luck my friend!

  5. kellie m says:

    Sounds like you are exaggerating your moves! So when you do this your opponent knows exactly where you are going to hit. I find sparring with people who do karate are so easy to hit and block; 1 because they can be quite slow and 2, they exaggerate their punches and kicks. When I fight I trick people all the time, as its the best way to win points!

  6. bullet_proof_leage says:

    a greeat thing to do is a bunch of combos.
    mix up your punches your kicks and everything.
    do 2 puunches 2 kicks and a take down
    because when they only like to block they leave themselves open
    so mix everything up
    just be sure to be blocking as well

  7. DEREK E says:

    Minimize your body movement going into the technique. They can tell where you are planning to attack due to your eyeballing and telegraphing. Eyeballing means that you are looking at the point of attack and telegraphing means your body movement tells them how you are going to attack.(i.e leading with your shoulder before you punch)
    Not all of Karate is punches so try adding some front leg kicks.
    Hope this advice helps.

  8. Gregory K says:

    To begin with, I must disagree with your Sensei on one regard. The whole point of competitive fighting is to outsmart your opponent. Though it may be called trickery by some, if you can trick your opponent into opening himself up for you to strike, I would think that your technique was then successful.

    That’s how it is in all striking, not just Karate. If I try to punch someone, and I anticipate the punch, it will never land because I am trying too hard, and naturally telegraphing. If, on the other hand, I feign a high kick, then they will raise their guard on the body, to become more available to be hit. It’s not cheap trickery, it’s practical application of a technique.

    This is why combinations are so strongly emphasized. Combos, when well created and heavily practiced, are designed to make your opponent certain of a technique that never comes, and uncertain of the technique that does. In a successful combo, you should use changes in elevation, timing, and distance to successfully distract and confuse your opponent.

  9. Morebster says:

    If you keep trying the same combination over and over again, your opponent will quickly get used to it and take you out quite easily.

    In order to prevent this you should try performing lots of different combinations involving both kicks and punches, attacking both high and low.


    uraken, gyakizuki, uraken
    mawashigeri, suri-mawashigeri, junzuki
    junzuki, gyakizuki, mygeri, mawashigeri

  10. Jim R says:

    Lauren, I am guessing you have a white or yellow belt, and the experience of the tournament is what you seek, win or not. You obviously telegraph your moves to your opponent, but you are not alone. Non-telegraphic movement is the first really hard thing a martial artist must learn to become skilled at their art. And karate techniques contain much deception (tricks, as you call it) to allow them to work. Just do the best you can in your competition, and learn from that. Practice movement without telegraphing your intent until you can do it every time. Your kata will help greatly with that. When your sensei can not tell you are going to punch instead of kick you are NEARLY there. Don’t give up, just practice, and it will come to you in good time. Good luck with the tourney. J

  11. Darb D says:

    you only need one more trick in your arsenal and its what i call the ‘no trick, trick’ after hitting someone with the kind of trick you described they begin to catch on to your false movements. this becomes the perfect time to blast a simple straight attack, and while they are waiting for a false attack you’ll be surprising them with a simple attack. This will only work if they are expecting a complex attack, and you simple attack has to have no telegraphing and I guarantee you have problems with simple attacks because you are telegraphing. your instructor is right though but if you switch between the two sometimes, you get some different attacks in.

    EDIT: I re read your question and see that you are using a stop hit and a counter attack everytime. you wait for your oppenent to attack and hit into there attack. problem is they can counter you by pretending to hit, waiting for your counter, and then countering your counter. All you have to do is lead sometimes, and hit without letting your oppenent start first. it doesn’t matter if you hit them and sometimes you will depending on not telgraphing

  12. James D says:

    don’t telegraph your moves and go faster.

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