Okinawan karate-do?

Does anyone know of a traditional Okinawan karate dojo in Greater London? Would like to take up karate again but am not interested in dodgy commercial dojos!

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3 Responses to Okinawan karate-do?

  1. AnaMomof5 says:

    I think that this school has what you are looking for — more on practical application rather than competition and sport:

    Daigaku Karate Kai,

  2. TERRY H says:

    i suggest contacting jundokwan united kingdom or the okinawan martial arts association.i know some okinawan karateka but they are independants and located outside london. good luck .

  3. derick says:

    Chief Instructor
    Sensei George Andrews, 7th Dan The Institute of Traditional Karate-do, 21-23 Brandon Street, Walworth, London SE17 1AL
    Tel : 0207 7011741


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