Onsite School Activity Programs

Onsite School Active Sports, Fitness
and Activity Program

As the ever growing need to improve fitness, health and well being in Australia continues to grow and in line with the Australian Governments $116M Building a Healthy, Active Australia Initiative.

Zenith Sports Management (Zenith Martial Arts Australia) with its many years of experience in teaching and coaching children and adults alike has developed various themed children’s Fitness Programs.

Zenith Sports Management (Zenith Martial Arts Australia) is recognised by the Australian Sports Commission (ASC) to deliver programs on-site at schools, as either part of a physical education class or as part of the schools Active After-School (AASC) or Out of School Hour’s Child Care Programs (OSHCS).

These classes are tailored to suit our client’s needs and we cater for all age groups (from Reception to year 12). These programs are run with the emphasis on FUN while at the same time promoting Fitness, Teamwork, Discipline, and Control. The children learn that active physical exercise can be fun and about the benefits being healthy and fit can bring to their everyday lives.

The classes are delivered at a pace and in a way that can be easily comprehended by children at these different age groups. The classes are split into segments of time ensuring the children never get bored.

Subjects Covered:

  •  Box-Fit: (A specially designed children’s program incorporating various Non-Violent/Non-Contact activities similar to those used in boxing training).
  •  Fit-Kids: (A specially designed physical fitness and dynamic games based programme for children based on fun. The techniques used improve children’s cardio vascular systems, general motor skills and tones muscle).
  •  Fields of Fun: (For the outdoors, incorporating organised team events, ball games and challenges, these fun activities are designed in improve fitness, coordination, team work).
  •  Mini Martial Arts/Self Defense: (Basic self defense/stranger danger and fitness techniques for children, teaching them to be more aware and avoid confrontation. This activity also works inline with most schools anti bullying and Harassment policies).
  •  Grappling: (A fun children program designed to teach basic ground defense, stretching and fitness. Techniques are gained from Aikido, Ju-Jitsu and wrestling)
  •  Junior Joggers: (For the outdoors, A fun children and youths program designed through games and running activities to promote health and well being. Running is the basis of all sport and is a great foundation to build your child’s enthusiasm for fitness and fun. Activities cover,: Fun Runs, Sprint training (100 metres), Cross Country (middle/Long distance training), Sponsored Walking/Running, Relay Games, Orienteering (Treasure Hunts etc).

Other subjects available:

  • How to Identify bullying and harassment (Discussion and Role Play on what it is and how to deal with it)
  • Children’s Awareness and Confidence building program.
  • Tactical Communication Skills (how to talk your way out of trouble).
  • Using your voice as a weapon, (tactical communication skills).
  • Awareness Training and Confidence Building (How not to be a Victim)
  • Avoidance Techniques.
  • Distraction Techniques.
  • How to avoid confrontation.
  • Body language and Body positioning.
  • Self Defense From The Front, Rear and Ground.
  • Multiple Attackers.
  • Vital Target Areas (know where to strike when you can’t escape)
  • Crime prevention: advice for home, car, travel and street.
  • Body Language and Physiological Changes that occur under stress. (Fear Management)
  • Legislation – How the Law affects Self Defense (know where you stand).

N.B. Please note that all the above courses and activities are designed with the emphasis on the children’s age groups and physical development and all taught in a non violent / non contact framework.

Our Schools programs are an excellent alternative to the traditional martial arts training environment, where you can learn skills and strategies relevant to everyday situations. Our expertise has been highly praised by many and the thousands of individuals who have participated in our courses.


We have one off School session fee of $120.00 plus GST per 1.5 hrs session, or if you wish charge $8.00 plus GST per person per 1.5hr session (minimum 15 persons).

Or as part of our In-School AASC Programs, which are designed to run to coincide with the school term of usually 8 to 10 weeks and our schools out of hour’s childcare program (OSHCH) sessions. Fees are reduced to $75 plus GST per hour per deliverer, which would usually depend on number of children involved and the activity chosen (to adhere to school and government safety standards) all sports and activities are designed to run all year round, including during school and public holidays when they are most needed (if allowed access) and can be designed specifically to suit the schools needs be it indoor or outdoor pursuits.

Points to Remember:

  1. Low Cost effective and Affordable classes and course brought to you. Which suit school budgets and grants.
  2. Separate short courses and seminars for women, men, teens and children.
  3. Onsite for corporate, schools, community groups etc.
  4. Flexible program structures, to suit both Primary and Secondary School curriculum
  5. Our classes help students respond effectively and non violently to harassment, bullying and intimidating behavior.
  6. Learn effective self defense strategies.
  7. Effective Fun and Fitness for ALL.
  8. Enjoyable, safe learning environment provided by experienced professionally qualified instructors.

“Research has shown that Zenith Martial Arts Australia represents one of the most economical and cost effective Fitness and Training organizations delivering a superior quality service to the public”

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