Question about Karate..?

I have been accepted for a job which consists in learning Karate, the course is free, the karate uniform I have to pay (it’s cheap), moving on..

I really like this kind of job, it combines fun + work together but I’m worried that things might go wrong, even though I will as always do my best.

Just a little uncertain if I really want this, I do but not confident about it.

Thank you.

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3 Responses to Question about Karate..?

  1. Lobbs says:

    Wow what job involves learning karate?

    Not sure what your question is but just go for it. Better to try it and it not go well than not try it at all

  2. Mr. Self defense says:

    Just give it a try, if is not for you you will know. After all you will be able to learn something for free,”Karate”.You really have nothing to lose.go ahead.Good Luck

  3. David E says:

    If you don’t want it, where did you say you were from? lol
    Getting paid to learn karate, what a deal.
    First you are never to old to start if that is part of your nervousness. You get paid and learn to defend yourself, best of both worlds.
    Sure something could go wrong, you could get fired 10 minutes into your first day. You could also get hit by a car on the way home tonight. My point being is you can’t worry about what might happen to the point of doing nothing. Every thing carries some risk, including doing nothing. If it feels right and you like what you will be doing, grab the bull by both horns and enjoy the ride.

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