Security & Law Enforcement Program

Security & Law Enforcement Agencies

Self Defense Programs
(Foundation or Refresher Course)

‘Empowering You to Protect’

This Zenith program is designed as a foundation or refresher course for both men and women or inexperienced security or law enforcement personal. The techniques that are taught use natural body reflexes and movement and are routine low risk (non life threatening) techniques that are used during routine encounters with aggressive subjects, such as would be used on a days to day basis by police or security staff.

The techniques in this course are designed to enhance an individual’s ability to protect themselves in sudden, violent confrontations where the individual fears serious bodily harm. The course is dedicated to unarmed, demonstration and execution of the impact strikes and close quarters combat drills. These strikes are taught to be executed from various positions and distances. They are placed in working scenario so that individuals can develop natural flow of application, making the system almost instinctive during the inevitable stress of an encounter. Application of learned techniques is demonstrated and reviewed for various aggressive situations, to possibly include encountering multiple assailants.

Subjects Covered:

  • Understanding Body language and Positioning.
  • How to avoid confrontation.
  • Tactical Communication Skills (how to talk down a situation).
  • Awareness Training and Assertiveness and Confidence Building.
  • Using your voice as a weapon, (tactical communication skills).
  • Workplace specific personal safety programs.
  • Level (1) Self Defense From The Front, Rear and Ground, Restraint and Removal.
  • Multiple Attacker.
  • Vital Target Areas (Pressure points, know when and where to strike)
  • Body Language and Physiological Changes that occur under stress (Stress Management)
  • Avoidance Techniques.
  • Distraction Techniques.
  • Knife & Small Weapons Self Defense (level 1)
  • Legislation – How the Law affects Self Defense (know where you stand).

Zenith uses various training methods to achieve reality based training including; practical demonstrations, application training, role-play and group discussions.


We have a training session fee of $150.00 plus GST per 1.5 hrs session, or if you wish charge $10.00 plus GST per person per 1.5hr session (minimum persons 12)

Duration of Course:

In addition to the above we offer a half-day, full day sessions to suit your schedule. Fees for these sessions are negotiable based on course content, time and number of personal.

Our self-defense and fitness programs are an excellent alternative to the traditional martial arts training environment. Where you can learn skills and strategies relevant to your working environment. Our expertise has been highly praised by many who have participated as our programs our enjoyable and safe learning experience provided by experienced professionally qualified instructors.

If you would like any more information with regards to any of our classes or combinations of classes please contact the Managing Director and Head Instructor personally where you can have an informal chat about your needs or arrange a FREE Consultation to discuss your needs, number of personal who would benefit from the courses and costing. Thank you again for perusing our company, we anticipate hearing from you soon.

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