self defense question?

What does height and weight have to do with self defense. in my opinion it has nothing to do with self defense. i have seen this plenty of times a small person would attack the bigger person then the bigger defend themselves and the are the ones who gets in trouble for it i always thought that it does not matter how big or small the person as long as the person laid their hands on you you have every right to beat them up

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  1. Bruce says:

    Beating someone up and self defense are two totally separate issues.

    Self defense is to prevent yourself from further attack. Once the threat of the attack is over, your privilege of self defense ends.

    Simply beating someone up, even if they hit you first, is retaliation and not self defense.

    If someone is getting in trouble in your example, it is because the force they used was excessive or the continued to use force after the threat ended.

  2. Citicop says:

    Self defense ends as soon as the attack stops.

    If you are big, and are attacked by a smaller person, and you push them and they fall down, you have to stop, because they are no longer attacking you. If you continue the fight, now you have become the aggressor and can be charged no matter who started the fight.

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