Self defense questions?

IF someone punches you, then how many hits can you give him before it stops being self defense and assault on your part?

Also, if someone brutally harasses you, like to the point of insanity, can you hit them?

If not, you should be.

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4 Responses to Self defense questions?

  1. Jane Marple says:

    Punches me once or repeatedly punches me?

    No you can not hit someone cause they harass you, just leave.

  2. says:

    Self defense does not allow a single hit in retaliation. It allows reasonable and necessary force to PREVENT imminent harm to yourself, not to retaliate against someone for having hit you. No amount of verbal attack will allow the use of force in response. There are many other responses, such as leaving, and if someone were to try to stop you from leaving then there are things you could do.

  3. jakflak says:

    Ditto. You can only hit them back to stop them from hitting you, not to get them back.

  4. Psych. Nestor. says:

    acts of self defense cannot exceed reasonable perception of the threat.

    That means, you could only cause enough harm to get away from the threat..

    If this person comes up to you and pushes you over and over again, you could punch them until they fall down. That enables you to get away from them.

    If they fall, and you start kicking them…that’s assault.

    If the person is smaller then you, it’s assault.

    If the person is about your size and strength, then you could only harm them enough to get away from the threat.

    So if the person is much bigger and stronger, then you could do much more..because they could chase you down.

    If they are armed, then you could cause injuries if you have to.

    So in your case, if someone punches you and you punch back.
    Both of you are responsible for assault.
    Which probably wont go far..if you persist on punching..then you have assaulted because you have exceeded the reasonable perception of the threat.

    understand what I mean?

    Self-defense doesn’t give you the right to fight back.
    It gives you the right to prevent harm to yourself.

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