Should I take karate?

I want to learn karate for self defense reason in case somebody wants to hurt me. Is it good for me? And if so, are there any pros of learning karate beside be able to defend your self?

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7 Responses to Should I take karate?

  1. Morgan says:

    Karate sucks. Buy a gun.

  2. phexsis says:

    They are almost no cons, go for it.

  3. Stella! says:

    i think its a great idea to learn karate for self defence and especially if your quite shy and your not that strong something like that then karate is the right way because you can make it a hobbie whilst its helping you live your life safer

  4. J says:

    Karate is first and foremost a self defense art. There are placed that have bastardized this principle, be it for sport, fitness or hobby, then there are places that are just plain bad, but think they know all there is to know when in reality the “teacher” is still a complete beginner.

    The only con would be having a bad teacher. Make sure the place is legit and teaches the real thing and not some watered down version.

  5. The R4 Expert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! says:

    i reccomend you learn kyokushin karate

  6. Fan of Team Emig says:

    Go for it. Take Karate

  7. Alejandro Martinez says:

    Yes but be careful what dojo you pick because in the US mostly of the places of karate are fake they are called mcdojos and they just take away alot of money from the people and they do not prepare you right,.If they just train 2 days a week get out of there,if they dont teach you fighting techniques ,punching bag,makiwara,sparring,get out of there also check a place that has at least 4 days of training every week .

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