Upcoming karate tournament; which kata is better?

I do shito-ryu karate and I need to know which kata is better for my karate tournaments. My choices are seipai and shiho kosokun. Seipai is more of a fancy kata, while shiho kosokun is more of a flashy “hey, look at me!” kind of kata. My dad said shiho kosokun looked a lot more impressive from a judge’s point of view. Which do you think would be the wiser choice?
EDIT: To my friend “!,” thanks for answering. Be aware I’m doing sparring too, as well as kobudo. This is just a kata question.

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6 Responses to Upcoming karate tournament; which kata is better?

  1. ! says:

    None. Try sparring instead of dancing my friend.

  2. Johnathan Pierson says:

    I’ve done Shiho Kosokun, however, I prefer Seipai (I learned it once…years back.)

    I’m not a fan of Shuri kata.

  3. jwbulldogs says:

    Kata should not be about what fancy or flashy.

    But to answer your question you need to choose the kata that you do best. It’s the one that you are most comfortable with and have the most confidence in doing.

    Although an argument can be made that you do the one that challenges you the most. This will help you grow as a martial artist.

    Basiclly you need to decide unless your instructor chooses one for you.

  4. LIONDANCER says:

    You need to do the Kata that you do better. All the flash or fancy is no good if you mess it up or run it sloppy. If you can’t pull off the low stances in shiho kosokun for example and have trouble getting out of them you are better off with seipai. Both Kata are impressive if they are run well and a good judge should see and recognize good techniques and judge them for good techniques. Seipai seems to have stronger techniques whereas shiho kosokun is a little more agile. Which one fits your personality better?

  5. Kokoro says:

    You should have three kata prepared in case there is a tie,
    You preform the kata you are best at. That’s what judges look at not which kata it is.

  6. samuraiwarrior_98 says:

    Well first of all you should always have 2 kata ready in the event of a tie and if you are asked to do a different kata. When I competed I always did and some times I would change to that back-up kata based on the judges and if they were the more conservative, traditional types or not.

    You are smart to look at and consider things like you are already and part of competing is learning how to compete and your doing this is a good example of that as well I think. Now just take it a step further and have both ready and then make your final decision based on who is maybe sitting on that panel and judging you.

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