What are good self defense techniques for a larger person?

You always hear about self defense techniques a small person uses against a larger aggressor (Better endurance, leverage, mobility), but as a tall, sturdy guy myself I can’t help but wonder what I should do if I’m attacked on the streets by a smaller opponent (other than running away of course). In the area where I live there is little chance of me actually getting attacked in a secluded area, so I’m asking this question more out of curiously.
No i’m not obese, just large muscle mass and bone structure.

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4 Responses to What are good self defense techniques for a larger person?

  1. ZacG says:

    you could learn anything you like as far as a martial art is concerned and you can just take plain ole boxing lessons. with your size and strength you wont need to really worry about this much… good luck.

  2. mental!anarchy! says:

    well if your like obese then high energy things will probaly be out (such as mauy thai) if your really big then bjj might not be good for you eather judo would work or akido would be good for you mabye Steven seagull uses that hes pretty big.i thin akido is spelled wrong

  3. Denebola says:

    well let me see here you walking down a street or country celebreation and some small jack ass, doesn’t like how you are treating him, so he jump up in your face and lets you know hes a god of war wanna be and he wants to take it out on you. YOu push him off like a nice guy saying hey give me my space. Bam you walk right into it, know he has a reason to hit you, they always do, you know so their can cover up their psycho, nature. So knoe he want to take crack at you. It’s aperent he has been watch his mma and maui taui, and UFC, and boxing, and for what ever reason he thinks hes the champ, by the way he attacks. Normally hes going for a knock out punch, or a strong chop to you knee or leg preasure points. REason he doesn’t want to punch with you if you are moderetely aggresive in return he will get the worst of it. I would go with a high guard to block anything that try to hit you head. YOur big you can do that, and counter focus to a degree on countering kick boxing attacks. This I have learnedd personally really throws a smaller oppenent off cause they are thinking they have the advantage using chop attacks and they find themselves on the floor looking up at the ceiling. Lastly it high guard teases him to do what he is probabley going to try to do and that is taking you to the ground were he can even the odds, this means you have initiative and can work your stratagie of wreastling or knocking him cold, cause you have baited him instead. Also the meaner you are the meaner they have to be, so if it is a jerk, who is smaller then you hit him everything you got no mercy he asked for it. don’t make the mistake of playing nice big teddy bear and letting him build his ego off your mistake, sounds like you got a good head on your shoulders , running away or learning to avoid bad situations is a sign of martial superiority.

  4. komodo says:

    If you are large, you are likely to be attacked only by someone who has a deadly weapon or friends backing him up.

    My advice in either case: Comply.

    If you are going to fight, pick him up and smash him down. That will end it in one move.

    I’m 180 and I routinely spar and grapple guys weighing 100 pounds more than me. I can beat them technically, but when they turn on the power, I don’t have a chance. Size counts a LOT in self defense.

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