what are karate belt colours in sequence?

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  1. Jellybean says:

    depends on the school. My school has white, gold, orange, red, green, purple,blue, brown I, brown II, Black

  2. Daisy the cow says:

    Depends on the style you practice, but when I did Wado Ryu ours were sequenced as follows:

    9th Kyu – white
    8th Kyu – yellow
    7th Kyu – orange
    6th Kyu – green
    5th Kyu – blue
    4th Kyu – purple
    3rd Kyu – brown
    2nd Kyu – brown 2
    1st Kyu – brown 3
    1st Dan onwards – black

    Husband tells me all the time that this sequence is incorrect, but he did Shotokan style which has a different sequence again.

  3. johnnie quest says:

    the most common colors used in japan, korea, and okinawa martial arts are white, yellow, orange, blue, green, purple, brown, and black. in japanese and okinawan black belt ranks are shodan-1st degree, nidan-2nd degree, sandan-3rd degree, yodan-4th degree, godan-5th degree, rokudan-6th degree, shichidan-7th degree, hachidan-8th degree, kudan-9th degree, judan-10th degree, juichidan-11th degree ( in judo only ), junidan-12th degree ( in judo only ).

  4. David B says:

    shotokan has 9th kyu orange
    8th kyu red
    7th kyu yellow
    6th kyu green
    5th kyu purple
    4th kyu purple/white
    3rd kyu brown
    2nd kyu 2nd brown
    1st kyu brown/white
    shodan black

    but depends on the style practised

  5. Harmony says:

    in hapkido, from less to great

  6. Tommy says:

    David B is spot on…Karate belts are just as he listed. I took them all and passed…5 years later and im karate king !!!!! wooooaaaahh !!!!!!

  7. Big Foot says:

    Kyokushin is

  8. Jacque says:

    they vary depending on school but mine is white, gold, orange, green, purple, blue, red, advanced red(red with black stripe in middle) Begginer brown(brown w/ white stripe) brown , advanced brown (brown with black stripe) then finally 1st degree or junior black belt depending on whether your in the adult or junior class.

  9. allthingschan says:

    Each school has it’s own system of colouring.

    The coloured belt system was instigated by Jigoro Kano in 1930, when he gave a red and white to to students attaining 6th dan and above. Prior to this there were just white belts for anyone who had not attained black belt.

    Other coloured belts, for non-black-belt students where introduced shortly afterwards, when judo started to be practised outside of Japan. The coloured belt system was also a requirement which enabled Karate to be recognised as a ‘real’ martial art.

  10. northcarrlight says:

    Aikido/ shotokan mix has
    8th kyu red
    7th kyu yellow
    6th kyu green
    5th kyu blue
    4th kyu purple
    3th kyu purple/white
    2rd kyu brown
    1st kyu 1st brown
    1st kyu 2nd brown
    1st kyu 3rd brown
    shodan black, but there is an exam above this that allows the holder to teach, then other dans in order

    but as stressed depends on the style practised by the individual

  11. Howardw says:

    If it’s traditional Karate there should be 9 Kyu grades before Dan (black belt) grades (Kyu means 9 in Japanese). Although different styles and Dojos will have variation in both grading and syllabus requirements.

    The Dojo at which I currently study follows the traditional WadoRyu Karate syllabuses. Junior (below 14 years old) follow the “mon” grading system and adults follow the “Kyu” grading system.

    Our Kyu Grading structure is:

    Beginner Grades
    9th White Belt (Red Tag/Red Stripe)
    8th White Belt (Black Tag)
    7th Yellow Belt
    6th Orange Belt
    5th Green Belt

    Sempai Grades
    4th Blue Belt
    3rd Purple Belt
    2nd Brown Belt
    1st Brown Belt (Black Tag)

    Advanced Grades (Black Belt)
    1st Dan – Minimum Age 16 years & Held 1st Kyu for 1 year.
    2nd Dan – Minimum Age19 years and trained while holding 1st dan for 2years
    3rd Dan – Minimum Age 22 years and trained while holding 2nd dan for 3years


  12. Donaldsan theGreatone says:

    Today the color belts in any system of the arts keep changing.
    Don’t misunderstand me though. There are some dojo’s that keep to there color sequence, every dojo is different in this.
    Frankly to me they are only important, so I can tell the students progress.
    For the younger ones, it gives them incentive to practice hard.
    For the older ones, they already know that they are examples for the ranks under them. Showing respect for the higher ranks they will learn discipline.
    My color sequence are from the light colors beginners, to dark colors experience ones.
    Ryu ranks…white, yellow, orange,green, blue, brown 1, brown 2. Dan ranks from 1 to 10 with a stripe added on the belt as they progress in the art and teaching responsibilities. The art begins here.
    Any higher than 6th degree, roku dan, they must spread out the art to other locations, if they can with honors.
    I hope this gives you some idea of the color system.

  13. idai says:

    Hi there

    The tag system will vary between clubs but it is generally the following sequence.

    10th kyu White
    9th Kyu White (red tag)
    8th kyu White (black tag)
    7th kyu yellow
    6th Kyu orange
    5th Kyu Green
    4th Kyu Blue
    3rd kyu purple
    2nd kyu Brown
    1st kyu Brown (black tag)
    1st dan Black belt

    It normally would take a student 3 months between grades up to 6th kyu then the time taken will double until you reach 1st kyu where it should be a minimum of one year before you can go for 1st dan. But it does vary!



  14. derick says:

    karate belt colours ..9th Kyu – white
    8th Kyu – yellow
    7th Kyu – orange
    6th Kyu – green
    5th Kyu – blue
    4th Kyu – purple
    3rd Kyu – brown
    2nd Kyu – brown 2
    1st Kyu – brown 3
    1st Dan onwards – blac.

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