What are some good songs for martial arts?

I compete alot. I want some of the top songs for musical Bo Staff, Kata, and Extreme Kata. And please notify what songs are for what event.

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9 Responses to What are some good songs for martial arts?

  1. ttty2t1j3 says:


  2. mac/mma/bjj=ftw says:

    ive never head of those ma’s listen to hollywood undead

  3. Patrick says:

    I don’t know what kind of songs you are talking about, but if you mean songs to fight to, as in background, I like Feel Good Drag by Anberlin. But then again I dont know anything about Martial arts, even though I took Karate and Tae Kwon Do lol.

  4. nerty says:

    Probably “Eye of the Tiger”

  5. JKD Man says:

    Seven Nation Army by White Stripes. Choreograph a kata to that and post pics of your trophies!

  6. Sir Schweinebacke says:

    I like Brazilian style percussion.

  7. travisty says:

    not gonna lie, extreme kata sounds like something a mcdojo would do, but thats just me.

    any way, on the topic of the question.

    well i’ll listen to any thing from ‘go to sleep’ by eminem ft. obie trice and DMX to ‘surfin safari’ by the beach boys, to ‘i get a kick out of you’ by frank sinatra to ‘dear mamma’ by tupac when i train on my own before class or at home.

  8. mafundhelper says:

    smells mcdojo …

    There are too many possible combinations. What are your “kata” (cringing while saying this…) like? What is the timing like? The techniques?

    The best thing to do is to waste a bunch of hours just listening to various kinds of music.
    Good luck…

  9. danadeville says:

    I have never in my life heard of Extreme Kata. Sounds like something made up to me. Music for Kata sounds kind of like picking music for figure skating routines.
    Drowning Pool – Let the bodies hit the floor is great for before sparring.

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