What are some throws found in the heian/pinan kata?

I know of some throws and other forms of grappling found in the heian/pinan kata, but what are some that you know of? For example, I have been told that the spearhand found in heian nidan (pinan shodan) as well as some other kata is actually a throw. My question is, what are some of the throws in the heian kata and could you provide a link to a video that either demonstrates the technique or teaches the specific throw?

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4 Responses to What are some throws found in the heian/pinan kata?

  1. Daoshi says:

    When you change direction, as in crossing over your feet and turning or stepping behind, those are throws or take-downs.

    I’ve seen the spearhand used as a cavity/kyusho strike once.

    Remember that there are 5 Pinan in most lineages. So that’s a whole lot of material to cover.

    One thing to remember is that most technique is not locked into one specific application.

    There is plenty of room to play.

  2. LIONDANCER says:

    Daoshi got most of it. The only thing I would add is that not all has to be a full throw either as in one person ending up on the ground. Just pulling/pushing your opponent off balance for a split second can buy you enough time for a nice follow up technique as a finish.

  3. Johnathan Pierson says:

    The Heian/Pinan kata are kihon kata for a reason, they are your baby steps up to more advanced kata.

    While one can say that there are throws and takedowns; there certainly are links to those applications; those are the basic kata which build up to understanding how to apply those techniques.

    As you get up to Yondan and Godan, you’ll see more and more advanced techniques; for example, you could interpret the Neko Ashi Dachi augmented middle block in Yondan as a sweep, or the rear-facing variation in Godan as a hip throw, it is vital to understand techniques and how to apply them within and without the kata.

    My teacher, having been brought up on both Kata and Technique-List learning styles simultaneously, reveres Kata training for the benefits it provides, but the solo nature of the activity sometimes blinds us to the actual techniques that lie therein as opposed to what WE think it is.

    Motobu Ryu Kempojutsu is one of the few styles where the Yakusoku Kumite directly relates to the kata-bunkai in a practical approach.
    Mabuni’s Hokkei Kumite, for example, works only with Omote Bunkai and Henka Waza.

    I would honestly advise finding a teacher who trains directly and regularly with a direct teacher.

  4. Jim R says:

    There are throws and grapples everywhere in all the Hian/Pinan kata. Most movements may be translated into such technique. If asked for a solid example of a throw in a Hian form, I would cite the very first step and gedan-bari of Hian shodan.. That puts your opponent on his back very solidly if that is the oyo you choose. With a broken arm if you like.

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