What are the 3 purple belt katas in shotokan?

I just got my purple belt an the only ones name I know is tekki shodan what are the other 2 ?

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2 Responses to What are the 3 purple belt katas in shotokan?

  1. Kokoro says:

    that depends on your sensei / dojo / organization and were purple belt falls in, i dont have purple belt in my dojo
    a few of my students still uses purple belts in there ranking systems one is tekki shodan and bassai dai. my other students, another does heian godan, tekki shodan and tekki nidan.

    there is no set standard

  2. Tommy Maguire says:


    this website seems to hav all the shotokan katas… i dont do shotokan, i do this style called washinkai :S…

    but with me my purple katas needed for grading are pinan yodan and pinan godan… but u learn kushanku at purple belt.

    hoped this helped abit

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