What are the differences between Brazilian Samba style & Bacelona Tiki-kata?

They both manages to control the ball as much as possible, but there are some differences. I heard that Tiki-kata is only for very high skilled player like Messi, Iniesta or Xavi. Tiki-kata is like a superior skilled players playing with inferior players. When Barcelona has no Messi, Iniesta or Xavi, then Tiki-kata will have no success.

I doubt that Pep Guardiola can be successful in Bayer Munich if he adopts Tiki-kata philosophy for Bayer. This is cos Bayer does not have many superior skilled players except Roben or Ribery (better than average a bit but did not achieve to Messi level).

So what are the differences?

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2 Responses to What are the differences between Brazilian Samba style & Bacelona Tiki-kata?

  1. Prince says:

    The different is passing style..If you drag on a paper you will be found the answer.. It’s very skillful

  2. SAINT IKER says:

    Xavi is not ”highly skilled”

    Tiki Taka is not about skill whatsoever. Samba is more about skill

    Samba = Unorganized, flair, pure skill, ball control + speed. More of a very talented individual effort than a team. Unpredictable and adaptable

    Tiki Taka = Maintain possession as much as possible by short, sharp passing, not handing over the ball with unnecessary shooting, look for other options rather than shoot from distance or take on players to not risk losing the ball. Patience is KEY, ball control, execution is a big part. When defending press the opposition as hard and as fast as possible to win back possession, high work rate. Team effort greater than any individual. Predictable and rigid

    Guardiola won’t play Tiki Taka at Bayern. It takes decades to implement, it needs to be drilled into players in youth academies from a young age (Cruyff first implements a system that it evolved from) then you need all these players to break through at a similar time. Barcelona youth academy just had a golden generation. They will never get a Xavi, Messi and Iniesta all break through at the perfect time again….

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