What are the different styles of karate (e.g Shotokan) and what are the differences between them?

I have been learning karate for a month and a half now and only found out today that apparently the club I go to teaches Wado-ryu karate. What are the other styles and what are the differences between them?

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  1. Luther T says:

    There are various other forms of karate but the ones that are “popular” are Wado-ryu, Shotokan, and Kyoukushin.

    Wado-ryu (if memory serves me correct) has a truck load of kata’s and their blocking system is quite unique. they tend to block the same singular attack with a continuous block. starts with the back hand and then the front hand takes over to which the back hand does a counter.

    Shotokan (Which i do) you could say, focuses on technique definition and repetition
    watch this video for inspiration on shotokan lol

    not only that but the training makes you fast and they aim is to one hit k.o. you….shotokan was used for killing (there’s a lot of killing strikes in there, back then majority of japan were farmers and their arms and fingers were toughened in such a way that they could literally put their hand in you….or so they say)

    Kyokushin (which my sensei came from at first) focus’ heavily on fighting and body conditioning.
    a film to watch would be “fighter in the wind” pretty much sums up kyoukushin. it’s amazing.
    because of the strength of these guys, they don’t allow hits to the face during tournaments. they do bare knuckle tournaments in japan so there’d be blood everywhere. I love going to their classes to spar though.

    they’re all good. it’s down to the teacher and what you put into your training that will make any of these styles work for you.

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