What can I do to prepare myself for my first karate lesson, since I was 8, next week?

Should I do some conditioning or something?
What should I wear?
I’m a really shy person and I might not fit in right away.
What should I expect?
I used to take karate lessons but I would only mess around and I didn’t consume what they taught me so now I’m going to start back.

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8 Responses to What can I do to prepare myself for my first karate lesson, since I was 8, next week?

  1. DarkBlu37 says:

    A week out doesn’t give you much time for development, but you might think about planning a basic fitness routine around cardio, flexibility and strength training. You probably won’t be the only first-timer there. Just smile a lot, be open and roll with it. Good on you for taking this step.

  2. gary says:

    Yeah a week to prepare means you are very limited on what you can do. Best to just go along and see what you need to work on there. If you havent got a gi then turn up in sensible sports clothing, tee shirt, trackie bottoms/jogging bottoms (try to make sure these are pretty plain without anything thats going to catch and maybe hurt your training partners. Take a bottle of water with you to keep hydrated but watch what other people do, if they are stopping whenever they feel like it to take a drink then fine, if they are waiting for specific breaks to do so then so should you (if you feel unwell or need to stop for any other reason alert your teacher).

    Most karate school train barefoot so maybe you should get used to going barefoot at home if you don’t already. Its probably a good idea to have pretty short nails too. If possible its best to remove jewelly etc before training as these again could get tangled and hurt you or someone else.

    Have fun though, hope it goes well.

  3. Dd says:

    Conditioning? This could be running or practicing what you learn in class over and over again, Be open with the instructor. I’ve taught some classes and it always makes a good impression on me when someone ask questions so they can become better.

    Clothes. Loose, comfortable sport clothes will be fine if you don’t have the gi yet. Don’t wear jewelry.

    You’ll find your place. There is nothing wrong with being shy. I have peers I know from the day I first started karate and some were so meek/shy they hid from every strike and were afraid to strike back. Today they no longer have that shy quality and don’t hold back their moves very much either.

    What to expect? this depends on the school. In most cases you will be brought in slowly. How the class flows and what drills you will do. You most likely won’t spar right away until your a belt or two above white (this depends on school). and even then you’ll probably start slow. Just be sure to go with the attitude that your going to learn and become the best you can possible be and better.

    oh… one last tip. When you leave class. Get yourself a little karate journal or notebook so you can write down what you learn. This will come in handy later believe me.

    And last. I promise. Have fun, work hard and learn to relax. (mentally and physically)

  4. samuraiwarrior_98 says:

    Well I would start doing some stretching each day and stretch your lower back, hamstring, and groin muscle groups. Do some simple exercises like jumping jacks, crunches, squat thrusts, and push-ups also but don’t over do it as you can’t build much with only a week so take it easy so that you are not stiff and sore for your first lesson.

    Wear some sweats with a t-shirt or leotard top and all my female students actually wear one or the other under their gi top for modesty’s sake if wearing a gi.

    As for fitting in don’t worry about that. You are older now so they will probably push you harder and work with you differently than when you were a child. There will probably be a number of things that you can’t do or can’t do well but that is alright. You start losing your flexibility at about age eleven to twelve and your balance and coordination soon after that depending on how physically active you are. So don’t be surprised if you discover you can’t do some things that you at first think you can. Coordination, balance, and flexibility can be regained and even built beyond what you had before so go in there knowing that and keep a positive attitude and before you know it you will be doing fine as well as have a whole new group of martial arts friends that you did not have before.

    I tell all my students its like being a baby and learning how to walk and then run. First a baby has to learn how to roll off its back onto its stomach. Then it has to learn how to crawl and develop the strength to do so. Then it will learn how to stand and eventually stand and kept its balance without aid or falling over. Once it can do that it can then learn how to walk and eventually run but it might stumble or fall down sometimes while learning to do all that. Learning martial arts is a lot like that and all those other students that you see doing things better than you or that you can’t do started off just like you. Remember and keep telling yourself that and they will have you walking and running before you know it!

  5. Pig on a stack of money says:

    It’s funny how there are so many people on here starting karate who all did it when they were like 9 and then stopped for years ..

  6. No name. says:

    The best thing to do is a bit of exercise. Go for a jog, a bike ride or a bit of swimming. Wear tracksuit bottoms and a t-shirt. Anything loose and baggy is fine, it keeps you cool and doesn’t restrict your movements. If you did it for a couple of years it might come back to you. If not, it might take a while to get your head around the moves, but don’t worry about it.

  7. pugpaws2 says:


    All you need to do is go to class, listen, and practice what you are taught.

  8. jwbulldogs says:

    You should thanks Pugpaw for words of wisdom.

    You should were loose fitting clothing for the 1st day. Do this until you get your uniform.

    You do not prepare to begin training. You learn as you train. Then you go home and practice some more. You will learn some stretches in class. Again you stretch some more away from your school. You instructor will guide you on the things they want you to do.

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