what do you think of kata/form ?

for me personally, it looks very stupid and dumb and has no sense, i love martial arts and even want to become a black belt , but i think katas look stupid, plus, i just like to kick and punch and block,, thats what i like about martial arts,

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13 Responses to what do you think of kata/form ?

  1. cool_soft_breeze says:

    Katas is when the punches, kicks and blocks u learn come in action. It’s like an imaginary fight. It helps people to develop techniques better so they can use it in a real fight.

    I think they look good especially when my friends and I do team kata together it looks really good. Cus if you want to be a black belt you need katas.

    What belt r u??

  2. Reaper Of The North says:

    katas and and kihons and wazas are all batlle techniquise it helps u know when to attack and if u learn the bunkai to it then it should make more sense

  3. shidoshi1966 says:

    I agree with reaper and sugar. When you think about Kata think of them as a library. Kara is where you find all of your movements whether they are defensive or offensive. All your kicks, punches, blocks, Kihon and Taijutsu are in Kata placed in a concise pattern of movements for you to practice. If you really think that Kata is stupid as you say i recommend that you take a long hard look within and ask “Am I serious about becoming a blak belt?” . Think of this, a simple comparison – You have a term paper essay etc… and need to find the information you need, were do you go? the library or the Internet (which in a way can be considered a library due to the amount of information to be found), You need to perfect a move kick, punch, etc… Were do you go? Kata as this is your library to practice your moves since this is were they are found.

    I hope this gives you something to think about.

  4. sthetx says:

    Personally, I can’t stand kata. Everyone is so quick to extrapolate their own version of what is “supposed to be goign on” , and call it “bunkai”. I usually call it ‘bunk”! That said …

    Kata does have it’s merits. : it’s a solo activity that allows you to refine your memory, your stances, your hand strikes, kicks, and so forth. You don’t need a partner (try practicing aikido or judo on your own!!)

    Also, it’s fundamental in teaching lower belts. What most kyu ranks need to learn techniques is repetition. Kata provides this for them.

    So while it’s not really for ME as a martial artists (cept for my iaido), I still see it’s importance in helping kyu ranks on their way to not needing it anymore.

  5. justahint says:

    My own opinion is that katas were sort of a “perfect example” of technique that was passed down. This gave the person a framework on how the body moved and operated. Then the artist was supposed to either learn how to apply this on another living person or just use the kata examples to improvise his or her own techniques at a moments notice. Somewhere along the line I think the way to teach katas was mostly lost. That is just my theory. If you are thinking about an art consider systema it has no katas or specific techniques. Here is a peek:


  6. Sensei says:

    Before asking a question that has been asked here 100 times, do a search and you will see who understands their art, and who doesn’t.

    I guess the ones who hate kata of who find it useless, are not knowledgeable of true martial arts, so they make excuses.

  7. lee49202 says:

    If taught properly, and practiced correctly, kata is a method to teach and practice correct form and application. It should become like a dictionary from which you learn to construct your words. During practice attention must be made to practice correctly. People recite the old aphorism that “practice makes perfect” but that is wrong. What practice really does is make something familiar; only correct practice makes perfect.

  8. idai says:

    Hi there

    There is nothing wrong with kata. The real problem is created by the individuals that practise them. Unfortunately kata are like tools in a Workman’s tool box. Its up to the individual to discovery how and when to use them. Do they teach real fighting techniques. Of course they do but this depends on how much experience you have as an individual as to what you are able to get from them. The purpose of kata is to teach principles of movement. By this i don’t mean they teach you perfect balance, stance etc. Today nearly all western martial artists use kata as a way of progression. Practitioners simply collect forms. The more forms you know the better you are. I have tons of books at home but if i cant extract the information from them does it really matter how many i have?

    Another strange practise is the imitation of animals within the forms. We are humans. We should be learning to move as efficiently as possible as humans. Not snakes or tigers etc. We can learn princples from the way animals fight but we can never be expected to be able to move like them.

    One good thing that forms do teach is discapline and respect for the arts. Some practioners will argue that forms have a spiritual quality. If you take them away then some of the soul is lost both in the practioner and the art itself.

    History and geographical location has shaped the forms into what they are today. But if you really take a deep look at the origins of forms you will find that nearly all of them were put together long after the warring states period of the far east. So have they really been tested?

    The main reason we start training is to learn to fight but there has to be more to it. Learning fighting skills alone will not help you to develop into being a better person. In fact its a backwards step.

    Best wishes


  9. Spanky says:

    waste of time, stupid, retarded… couldn’t agree with you even more.

  10. timberrattler818 says:

    Kata is for learning the technique perfectly in all aspects

  11. Zenshin Academy says:

    Kata are useless in real life, period. Nothing more needed. However I’m sure alot will disagree. Fine, disagree but when you are facing a real enemy on the street and that person has some skill, lets see how that kata helps you then.

  12. Moo says:

    I dislike it. Training should be a combination of conditioning, drilling, sparring, and lessons. Not a memorization of a dance.

  13. Bubishi says:

    You practice kata to develop maximum power to execute a technique done in a flawless way. Kata is the art of certain styles, its a fight not a physical one, but a mental one.

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