What does it take to get Yellow Belt in Karate?

What does it take to get Yellow Belt in Karate? By that I mean what basic stuff do you need to be good at to achieve yellow?

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6 Responses to What does it take to get Yellow Belt in Karate?

  1. The Message Machine says:

    Be able to master the following:
    – Flying Kick
    – Hand of Death
    – Two finger paralysis
    – Stand on one leg.

  2. LIONDANCER says:

    Whatever the qualifications are in your dojo. They are different in every dojo. Your instructor should be able to help you with that.

  3. Frank the tank says:

    To pass the test.

    You must show proficiency doing at least one Kata, basic movies, nomenclature and so on.

  4. callsignfuzzy says:

    It differs from one school to another. I would guess, based on my experience, that one should know at least one basic kata (pre-arranged fighting pattern), plus some basic kicks, punches, and blocks.

  5. Shaneyboy says:

    well there are different styles of karate so it would vary from style to style ,dojo to dojo .

  6. Mushin says:

    It depends on which style you practice and which kyu grade you are referring to.
    You can learn a great deal in even one day. However, there is really no limit in the learning and improvement of karate techniques. The more you practice, the more you will improve. Karate students are taught the most basic techniques during the first three to four months. After this introduction, they are separated into different classes/groups for more advanced training.

    Find out what you will be tested on:

    This is crucial. You must know what you will be tested on. This again is like the old analogy of ‘if you don’t know where you’re going then how will you know how to get there?’ Knowing what the required content is for the next belt is like buying a map and planning your route from one destination to the next.

    Start preparing for your test in advance:

    This should go without saying, but many people leave everything to the last minute when it comes to testing. Give yourself the best chance possible by writing your test date on your calendar, finding out the requirements of the test and then practicing the things that you need to practice.

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