What does the word kata mean in Japanese?

I would prefer if the answer was more geared toward if someon was to have the name Kata, what would their name be?
If the last name was miaka and the first was kata, what would be the exact meaning(s)?

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One Response to What does the word kata mean in Japanese?

  1. askawow47 says:

    kata mean…
    1. direction, toward
    2. peace
    3. shape
    4. tideland, lagoon, bay
    5. shoulder

    kata yama (peace + mountain)
    ao kata (blue + direction)
    ochi kata (far + direction)
    ki ta kata (joy + many + direction)
    koma gata (horse + direction)
    saka ta (slope + rice field)
    saka ta (alchole + rice field)
    nami kata (wave + shoulder)
    hama kata (beach + direction)
    hari kata (draw + direction)
    haru kata (spring + direction)
    hiji kata (soil + direction)
    hira kata (sheet + direction)
    hue kata (flute + direction)
    mae kata (front + direction)
    matsu kata (pine + direction)
    mina kata (south + direction)
    i cant list them all
    there are looooots of combinations though…

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