What grappling style would go well with Koykoshin Karate?

I have earned a Black Belt in Koykoshin Karate and I am looking for a ground fighting style that would compliment my Koykoshin. I am currently considering Brazilian Jiujitsu or Sambo. Which do you think would be more complimentary to my current skills and are there any other ground styles that are better suited for me than these two?
Thank You for Your Time

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5 Responses to What grappling style would go well with Koykoshin Karate?

  1. Frank the tank says:

    Look up Shidokan karate.

    It’s kyokushin, judo, and muay thai combined.

  2. Iain says:

    You really can’t go wrong with Jiu Jitsu. With your karate striking background, and a great ground game you’ll be set for anything.

  3. ironmongoose says:

    For you, one isn’t going to be better than the other. You’re using your grappling training as a “failsafe”–insurance for when you’re in the clinch or on the ground. Therefore there’s no need for them to “blend” with your existing skills. Not that either one would better than the other anyway.

    Go to the school you think is best, or works out best for you. I love BJJ, but I totally respect and fear a good Sambo dude.

  4. Odee says:

    You don’t mean Kyokushin do you?

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