What happens if you kill someone in self defense with an unlicensed gun?

This is quite a general question and if you could refer it to a specific state, that would be great.
So if you kill someone in self defense, how many years would you get (if any) and what if it was with an unlicensed handgun that was your?

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  1. I know these things says:

    That depends on your race. If you’re black, you go to prison for up to 5 years. If you’re white, probation.

  2. Jason says:

    Throw away the gun. Burn all the clothing you`re wearing including the shoes. You ask the wrong question. Instead of “How many years can you get”? Ask “How can i get away with it”? Its a unregistered gun AKA a throw away. You`re suppose to throw it away.

  3. Wednesday says:

    Self defense is termed as you had no other option, no lesser way to handle this, you were within eminent danger, and you used only enough force to protect yourself and flee to safety.
    You under that term would not be charged with homicide, but would receive a citation for non permit of a gun.

  4. me says:

    In THEORY:

    IF you can prove legitimate self-defense (and I stress the word “IF”) then you wont be charged with murder.

    BUT still you have to be charged with “illegal possession” of a gun, the sentence will depends on the jurisdiction; so it can go from probation, several months in jail, or a couple of years; aggravated factors like being forbidden from owning gun would make it worst for you (like for example if you are an ex-convict, or have an “order of protection” issued against you at that time.).


    In NY. Bernhard Goetz shot 4 men trying to mug him in the New York City Subway train back in 1984; he was acquitted of attempted murder, but sill he got sentenced for illegal possession of the gun (he did eight months in jail, plus like five years on probation.)


  5. car05161967 says:

    If you kill someone in self defense with an unlicensed gun, race and where it happens will unfortunately make a difference in the outcome at trial.

    But also, if it is situation where the ‘victim’ manages to take the unlicensed gun away from the perpetrator who had brought it with them, the court might look favorably even more on the ‘victim’.

  6. The Wolf says:

    Only states run by liberal gun control bigots have gun registration or licensing, in all the other 40 states it wouldn’t matter that the firearm was unlicensed.

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