What if you kill using a knife in self defense?

Say the person you who was assaulting you had a gun, and you used a knife to injure or kill him in self defense. What would happen?

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2 Responses to What if you kill using a knife in self defense?

  1. Thomas says:

    Self defense rules are the same no matter what weapon is used be it a gun, club, knife, or what-have you.

    You need to legitimately fear that you life is endangered

    Your use of force must be to eliminate the threat – if you had to kill to do so fine

    Your other alternatives were not feasible – you could not retreat because your kids were there and you had to defend them

    Certain situations make self defense even stronger – someone breaking into your residence for example – it is assumed you have no alternative and that you were endangered

    By the way knife against gun is a very poor option and usually a losing one

  2. thorsten says:

    In addition to Thomas answer – if having a knife is illegal for you, then you will face the charges for it (I thought that could be the intention of the question), but not for harming or killing the perpetrator. In this case it would be better the knife “appeared” out of nothing, like the perpetrator dropped it somehow in the rumble…..if he later states that it was not his, wouldn’t make a difference, he wouldn’t believed.

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