What is a good class to learn peaceful self-defense?

I am a nursing student now, and when I graduate I want to be a psych nurse, but my husband is really nervous at the prospect because you are around unstable people in critical care and that worries him.
So… I am running now and lifting weights and working on getting generally fit. I am still a bit overweight though. I need to learn some self-defense moves that will result in the person being confined but not hurt without me getting hurt. What is a good martial art or self-defense style to look into for that?

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3 Responses to What is a good class to learn peaceful self-defense?

  1. JJ Jackson says:

    It was a martial art that was designed to win a fight without causing damage to your opponent.

  2. Kiff Gilison says:

    If your going to defend yourself aginst somone it’s not going to be peaceful.

  3. shortstuff says:

    There is something called CPI ( Crisis Intervention Prevention) which is used in schools as a non-violent way of de-escalating people, and defending yourself without harming others. You may wish to check into that, otherwise a self defense course found in your community… remember, that if you find yourself in need of having to defend yourself, that “peaceful” may not be the adjective you would choose to use, since the person attacking you is not thinking abut peace, but something far more sinister.

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