What is a good concealed carry self defense pistol?

I’m looking for a self defense pistol for concealed carry. Something around $500, I like the look of boxy pistols such as the glock. I would prefer no manual safety but enough safety where i won’t shoot myself by accident. I wear an XL glove size so can’t be too small of a pistol.

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  1. Obama Won! says:

    I got a potato gun from Johnson Smith Co.

  2. jakflak says:

    Glocks are the best in my opinion. They are designed to be carried fully loaded with a round in the chamber. However, if you carry one with a round chambered I would highly recommend using a concealed holster and not just tossing it in your pocket.

    Revolvers aren’t my favorite but they are very concealed carry friendly. They don’t tend to go off all by themselves.

    I’d HIGHLY recommend getting some training also. The NRA has some excellent weekend classes.

  3. Wounded Duck says:

    See news stories about Plaxico Burress

  4. corp_752000 says:

    I carry a Glock .40 cal. Small but has stopping power. Bought it at a pawn shop for $375 cash.

  5. Prisoner # 12231913 says:

    I like the .40 as well.

  6. ROD R says:

    The Smith and Wesson Model SW40VE is a 40 cal that is a good gun that is not overly priced. I saw it on sale here in MD for around 400 dollars. The 40 cal is a all around good self defense gun.

    If you have a gun range near you that will rent you a gun try the guns you like. then make a choice.

    also don’t count out used guns you have people that buy guns that never shoot them or don’t like them then sell them.

  7. mamay says:

    If you are worried about shooting yourself you probably shouldn’t be carrying a gun PERIOD.

  8. John M says:

    Enjoy shopping around. There’s the HK USP compact, which has the safety features you mentioned. I have a USP, pretty nice. Steyr MA1 is an alternative to the Glock, also very nice. Hammerless revolvers are also great. I have a smith .38 snub, neat little pistol. I would hit the website of every major name-brand manufacturer.

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