What is a good submission hold for an amatuer to learn for self defense?

I dont know much about martial arts, just a little karate experience. I would like to learn a good submission hold for self defense. I don’t expect to learn it in a few minutes, Im willing to spend hours practicing it.

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10 Responses to What is a good submission hold for an amatuer to learn for self defense?

  1. William says:

    rear naked choke, armbar and kamora are te easiest

  2. Leona T says:

    Rear-naked choke. It’s a basic chokehold, but one of the most important and effective ones in grappling. You can learn it very quickly.

    Of course, you need to be careful when practicing it with somebody, because the person you practice it on will pass out unconscious after a few seconds once you apply it.

  3. jrod1229 says:

    Find a jiu jitsu gym and start training. unless your training under somebody who knows what they are doing, and knows the tiniest details on what makes a submission work, you aren’t going to effectively learn the submission. the best thing for self defense is reality training, dirty fighting, and basic fighting skills, grappling, and striking.

  4. joshuanotkevin says:

    Well despite the fact that Bruce Lee said that he feared a man who had practiced one kick a thousand times to a man who had practiced a thousand kicks one time, I think it’d be in your best interest to learn and master a variety of submissions.

    If you learn a guillotine standing up, you’ll be screwed if he reverses it and takes you down. If he gets out of your armbar from your guard, you’re going to want to learn how to put him in a triangle. Fighting is a chess game and you cannot always rely on one strategy to win.

    So I suggest that you get a friend to practice on and learn a variety of submissions from all sorts of positions. The first I think you should learn is the rear naked choke, which is what I’d use as the answer to your question. It’s from the back and professionals can put a guy to sleep with it in a matter of seconds.

    After that, focus on learning submissions from your guard, side control, and mount. Armbars, triangles, kimoras, americanas, guillotines, and leg locks would be useful. Even if it’s rarely ever seen, learn a few submissions from standup too. I really suggest you enroll in a school to properly learn how to do these maneuvers though.

  5. Daniel says:

    if it is a guy kick him in the nutts and run

    if u are on the ground with that person i would use the armbar

  6. konchok says:

    the best would be kimura because you can use it from any position. it’s a pretty basic move so it shouldn’t take much practice to get it right.

  7. Chris "The Action Man" says:

    I would have to say rear-naked choke and a guillotine. Both are simple to learn concepts and they can be easily applied, especially to someone who doesn’t know how to defend them. Chances are you have actually pulled one off in the past out of reflex or at least a front head lock so the overall application won’t be to alien to you. But as a pro fighter I strongly urge you to not learn these on your own. You would be amazed at how quickly people get hurt. Good Luck.

  8. michael c says:

    Submissions are useless without the knowledge of how to improve your position. You need to either learn a submissions art like BJJ or don’t bother at all, otherwise you could get hurt.

  9. jswentworth says:

    Find a gym and train under a qualified instructor. If you can’t do that then if you are still in school join your schools wrestling team. In a self defense situation position is more important than submission. Especially submissions like joint locks which require a level of commitment to apply effectively that many people just don’t have.
    If you practice getting out from under people, getting on top of them and pinning them down, and generally being able to prevent them from doing harm to you then you will be better able to both subdue someone in a non-harmful manner and to escape from them.
    If you do decide to use a submission in self defense then I recommend blood chokes such as the RNC or Arm Triangle both of which can be applied with little risk to your self once the proper position has been achieved.

  10. timmafee says:

    Rear naked choke if you can get their back in a bad situation, unless they’ve had grappling experience its pretty easy.

    Or a guillotine choke.

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