What is generally consider the most effective 9mm round for self defense?

Question says it all.
What is the most effective 9mm for self defense, and which is better, high FPS or heavy grain bullets?

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14 Responses to What is generally consider the most effective 9mm round for self defense?

  1. Sky guy says:

    any high Quality jhp remington hidro shok etc

  2. Madscientwist says:

    The best round is one that is well aimed. Regardless of overpenetration or not, any bullet you shoot from that gun will stop an intruder. People will argue that someone who is in a drug rage can walk through a hail of gunfire, but that’s true for any 9mm round. Additionally, I doubt that people in the midst of a drug rage are going to be sneaking into your house.

  3. Keoni says:

    Typically you will get your most effective ammo in a +P and +P+ rated ammunition.

    I recommend The Cor-Bon +P 115 grain, the Federal 115 grain +P+ and the Gold dot +P 124 grain.

    All three of these are well proven as effective in a self defense situation.

    Just make sure the pistol you’re shooting is rated to shoot this hotter ammunition.

    In self defense situations the higher velocity 115 grains are superior to slow heavy grain bullets.

  4. Anthony K. says:

    You’re going to want to go with a JHP, specifically which one is up to personal preference and which runs best in your gun.

    The top three in MY OPINION are Cor-Bon, Remington Golden Saber, and Speer Gold Dot. A lot of people recommend hydra-shoks, but they have very unreliable expansion against bone-heavy targets. The best thing to do is find a round that seems right to you, and then send a MINIMUM of 200 rounds through your weapon. If it functions flawlessly, then use it. If not, move on to something else.

  5. Fatefinger says:

    Just get some winchester rangers. For self defense use a good quality hollow point. The heavier the better when it comes to 9mm.

  6. uc410 says:

    Federal 115 gr +p+.

  7. French Fry Hunter says:

    The most effective round is the one that hits the target.

    Even paper puncher like a 115gr fmj ball will break a man’s femur.

    I currently like Remington Golden Saber 147gr jhp.

    What ever you use you need to make sure your weapon likes it.

  8. Steel Rain says:

    Keoni has given you the top 3 rounds according to actual shootings data. Any one of those three rounds center of mass will have a high probability of stopping an aggressor.

  9. Jake Parker says:

    I carry 147 grain winchester SXT. It’s a newer version of the famous winchester black talon. I’d prefer 124 grain for a 9mm but the 147 is a bit heavier and has excellent penetration. In my opinion it really doesn’t have too much over penetration of soft tissue but it would blast right through saftey glass and building walls.

  10. JohnS says:

    Any modern expanding jhp that is labeled for self defence. Usually the lighter rounds have a higher velocity which translated into more knock-down power.
    For instance a 115gr +p at 1350fps will give up about 465 ft/lbs of muzzle energy, A 147gr at 880 fps will have about 252 ft/lbs of energy.
    Some people swear by the heavier slower bullet, but there is no evidence to support their choice- actually the evidence supports the faster lighter round.
    You can look up the “handgun power cartridge chart” online and see some real statistics compiled over the years from real human targets.
    If you want some very good defence ammo at the best price- look at Georgia arms ammo.Their “Speer Bonded Unicore” is the same thing as “Speer Gold Dots”, except about 1/3 the store price.
    They make it everyday– http://georgia-arms.com/9mmluger-4.aspx
    I have been shooting their ammo for over 2 years-its good. Their bulk target ammo is a few cents higher than Walmart- but their premium ammo is a bargain price.

  11. Robert H says:

    A good quality Hollow Point such as Speer’s Gold Dot in the 115 – 124 grain range.

    +P , or +P+ loads compound the lethality of the bullet shape.

    Defensive ammunition by Corbon, while pricey is also excellent quality.

  12. trigunmarksman says:

    I wouldent neccessarily consider heavy grain bullets as the best defense.

    This is a difficult question to answer because it is a it depends type deal.

    Things I would look for are rounds that expand correctly, penetrate at least 12 inches, and move at higher velocities

  13. Ben says:

    rem 115 +P is leo devastating as long as heavy clothing is not involved

  14. josh says:

    speer gold dot makes a good 9mm round

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