what is gun kata?

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4 Responses to what is gun kata?

  1. Walter H says:

    Gun Kata is a fictional firearm-based martial art

  2. SAINT G says:

    Please watch “Equilibrium” staring Christian Bale, for more information.

    and to back up the first answer, yes, it is fictional.

  3. Lochlan J says:

    ‘Gun Kata’ was a martial arts created for the movie ‘Equilibrium’, using guns as an extension of the body. For a more accurate version of what the director wanted, see ‘Ultra Violet’.

  4. Dead Broke Joke says:

    “gun” is a type of staff and a kata is a fourm of a bunch o moves u memorize hope that helped lol i just read every 1 elses answers… i didt know there was a name 4 the fightin style in equalibrium…. wait.. there issint is there… im confused now…. its a good movie tho

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