what is karate kata and what is it like?

i have to show a quick presentation about kata and im really confused about how i would perform it infront of my class. i know its a karate move that can be from 20 to 70 steps but when i look online i keep getting this ridicules things. basicly how would i peform a karate kata infront of my class?

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  1. nwohioguy says:

    If you have no training in Karate you have no business doing a presentation on it at all. Why would you pick a subject on something you have no skill in?

    Edit – anyone who says Kata is for show is trained at mcdojo and has no understanding of its importance nor applications. It is not for show unless you do fake kata for tournament purposes.

    Edit – here ya go – http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AhqPQFFPsSSmkI1cocGdGQsYDX1G;_ylv=3?qid=20100207213441AAG2Rtp

  2. martial poptartist says:

    I guess you don’t take karate. The kata is for show. it is a display of your ability. What class? Not a martial arts class.
    edit for nwohioguy. My school is not a mcdojo. I hate katas. and I think that’s exactly what it’s for. I don’t see what the purpose is in them. It doesn’t help me in any way. I want to protect myself. My instructor is a huge fan of tournaments. He is a great instructor but he thinks of karate like a sport. It’s not my fault. =D Can you tell me what they’re for? seriously I want to know.

  3. Joezer says:

    Look up http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Karate_kata and you can easily cobble up a somewhat decent PowerPoint presentation about the concept of kata, in karate. But if you’re actually planning to perform a kata in front of your class, try embedding a YouTube video in your presentation instead. Sheesh….

  4. Robin T says:

    nwohioguy, your comment:
    “anyone who says Kata is for show is trained at mcdojo…”

    This is a very unfair comment for the dojo. How can one student’s opinion or ignorance be used to judge its school? He was giving a personal opinion. He may be very well just a beginner in the dojo who doesn’t know the principles taught by the school yet.

  5. LMC says:

    I really hate people like nwohioguy. He’s the type of martial artist that has been practicing for hundreds of years and knows all. Instead of giving people crap why dont you answer a question properly once in a while, and stop making people feel stupid because they’re not as experienced as some of us.

    Kata is a demonstration of technique, strength, style, discipline and Spirit. If you want to demo a Kata, my best advice would be to attend a lesson in karate such as Shotokan. Remember that Karate isn’t the only martial art that practice form. Taekwondo take part in what is referred to as Patterns which are similar to Kata’s (before anyone like nwohioguy says it, I do know there are significant fundamental differences between Kata and Patterns). Speaking to a martial art instructor face to face will give you much better information then you’ll get on hear.

  6. Shihan J says:

    i agree with nwohioguy, kata is not for show, kata is your style. it use to be that you only new one or two kata and they were considered your ryu or style, so passai was call passai ryu and naihanchin was naihanchin ryu, and soforth

    kata is not that simple,
    it takes years to understand the simplest kata, there are different levels of studying bunkai, it can be anywhere from a basic understanding to a very advance one. and its not always a block or punch, take the kata tekki (naihanchin) this kata is all grappling moves with few strikes.
    each kata has a number of interpretations some depend on your level of understand and others very from teach or style. there is no one answer for what the bunkai is.

    Kata at its core teaches the following
    Kokyu (breathe control)
    Kaeshu (reversals)
    Atemi (vital strike to vital area)
    Kyusho (pressure point strikes)
    Kensetsu (bone or joint bending)
    Appaku (applied pressure)
    Kotekitai (absorbing and controlling pain)
    Nage (throwing)
    Chime (choking).

    there are kata with over 100 movements in them.
    and if you haven’t learned a kata i suggest you don’t perform one. what looks like a strike to you may not be it has other applications to it. each movement has a thousand details

  7. Lex says:

    It depends what class. For school I would recommend a YouTube video in a powerpoint. But for your karate school, I would recommend going back to your instructor and figure out exactly what he expects. That should answer your question better than what we can, since we’re not able to know what your instructor wants to see.

    And Ninja Guy: If you see no point in kata, then you must not have a good insturctor. All your basics are in kata. That alone should be reason enough to practice them with purpose. Because if your basics are bad, everything else sucks.

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