What is more important to the Karate student to learn and study; kata or kumite/sport?

Kata is the meaning of techniques but Kumite/sport teach us how to fight and to fight.
I have been told by a brown belt that kumite/sport is best for the street? Is he right?
He told me to learn in a kumite/sport focused dojo and not one that focuses on kata. Doesnt sound right to me, does it to you?

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4 Responses to What is more important to the Karate student to learn and study; kata or kumite/sport?

  1. ♥eye of the tiger♥ says:

    You need both! I practice kata and know What it teaches and feel there is so much to learn. You also need kumite- the thing is sparring in the dojo is A LOT different than on the street! In the dojo I will throw back kicks and all of these fancy techniques but if I was ever in a self defense situation I wouldn’t do anything of the sort.

  2. Kokoro says:

    kata is your style everything about your style is kata. without kata there is no karate.
    kata is a self defense system but together by the old master, there was nothing of karate written down back then there was no books and no videos, every thing was handed down through kata

    kata with out bunkai is useless. you need to understand its not just strike and block, it is filled with grappling techniques as well
    you need, kata, bunkai and kumite to learn and understand karate.

  3. invented karate says:

    No this is ALL wrong! You do NOT learn to fight by sparring!! Sparring is a tool used to test what you have ALREADY learned at best!

    First off you need to learn the Kata and ALL the application for the Kata (within this is your fighting techniques). Then you have drills and exercises. So without Kata one would not have very many tools in the shed so to speak right?

    Within most Traditional systems you should have 4 ranges of fight, Long range , short range , trapping , wrestling. So just by putting some pads on your hands and feet jumping around and playing rock em sock em robots will TEACH you NOTHING.

    Now alot of people will say they like to sparr and that IT IS A MUST, well from most sparring i see it is a mess, I find one step , two step sparring to be more productive (not some goofy free for all).

    When you train to punch or kick etc ect… you train to hit with all you have for Maximum power (atleast you should) , so when people sparr they tend to hold back , when you hold back most tend to break their structure and shorten all there techniques (hence losing EVERYTHING you have worked for).

    If everyone sparred after they learned how to fight and use their maximum power i would bet you would see alot less sparring as most would start to run out of sparring Buddy’s real fast lol.

    Do yourself a favor and learn all the Kata and drills first

  4. Purpleness says:

    As a brown belt myself, I think that kumite is more like the real-life application, while kata is less of that and more of, in my opinion, a dance. But both are important, it’s just that I think that kumite is more so. You have to guess what the attacker is going to do, which requires more experience, and you need to decide what it is you’re going to do, which requires more skill.

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