What is the best handgun for self defense?

First off, if you don’t really have any real knowledge of guns or experience beyond what you personally use please don’t answer.

I’m looking for something for self defense in a home invasion scenario in which it may be close quarters and I may not be able to get many rounds off. So, I want something that counts when it hits. In your experience what would be the best handgun & best brand? Any bullet recommendations or does it really not matter that much?

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3 Responses to What is the best handgun for self defense?

  1. chad c says:

    any high caliber hand gun will do the trick. 44 magnum has all kinds of stopping power. if you hit center mass it’s just about over.

  2. David C says:

    Best handgun for self defense?

    The one in the cop’s holster.

  3. N says:

    I wouldn’t recommend a pistol but rather a shotgun. A pistol may be compact but it can only shoot 1 projectile at a time. A shotgun on the other hand shoots many small projectiles at one time so it can do much more damage. Any shotgun should work good for self defense just get a reliable brand and you will be good. If you really need a pistol I would recommend a large caliber such as a .45 since anything else like a 9mm or .40 may not stop the subject with one shot. I would recommend the HK USP.45 since I have heard good things about it and many special forces use it. Another good pistol that has proven itself time after time is the M1911 (colt.45) which many company’s make these days

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