What is the best martial art or fighting style?

I tried Karate and really hated the “Kata” or whatever where you have to do moves in sequence.
It’s not that I hate discipline, I just don’t see how this would help me in a fight?

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11 Responses to What is the best martial art or fighting style?

  1. T Mike aka Strike Mike says:

    What you put in your martial art is what you will get out of it. If you dont put the time in and practice you wont like it.

  2. Alistar Overeem says:

    there aint it depends on you ”styles dont make fights”

  3. a little fricking sarcasm says:

    If there was such a thing, all of us would be doing it.

    Kata is basics, it stresses basics and it itself is basic movements in a series. Note: “in a series”. It teaches you to be fluid and tie attacks in together. Many professional fighters (competitive) can’t do this very well at all, it’s just one attack at a time or maybe a combination. The very best fighters I know train in Kata endlessly along with their sparring. The stances aren’t going to be used in a real fight, but it teaches you movements, footwork, angle, distance, timing. Once you’ve got Kata down pat you use it to form your own fluid movements, more random since it’s sparring but the same philosophy.
    Kata is about persevering. There’s a time you might think it’s pointless, and only after you’ve gained experience after years of training do you realize the benefit of it. I would never want to train without Kata.

    Hope this helped.

  4. Thomas W says:

    MUAY THAI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Jake Lo says:

    Tsk tsk tsk you can learn a lot from a movie you know?

    Daniel LaRusso waxed on and waxed off till the cows came home. He thought it was pointless. Little did he realize, Mr. Miyagi was actually teaching him techniques. When it came time to use it, Daniel responded without thinking.

    This is how kata is. It may look stupid, but it actually teaches you hidden techniques. It’s a study about yourself. If you are impatient and sloppy it will show.

    That being said, there is no “best” style. Every individual’s preference is different. Every individual learns and develops differently. Hopefully you will find your own best style.

  6. Kokoro says:

    if you dont see how kata help then you never studied kata or were taught wrong.
    kata is your style it is the manual every thing in the style comes from kata. not just basics
    all kata teaches, tactics, breathing, striking and grappling as well as stand up and ground. even the most basic kata teaches these.

    There is no best style.

    Your size, body type and sex have nothing to do with the style you want to choose. People that think that your size and body type determine the style know little to nothing about martial arts.
    people of all various so called body types, are found in all styles of martial arts and do well in those styles

    Most people will tell you there style is the best or they heard such and such is a great style,
    The style is not important, what matters is how good your instructor is and how you train. The style is secondary, they all have there pro’s and con’s there are no superior styles.
    If you have an instructor that can’t teach you how to fight, regardless of the style, what good would it do you?

    Choose a school with a good instructor in the end that’s all that matters, that and how you train.
    Its the person that has the ability to fight not the style

  7. J.R says:

    Of course you don’t understand how katas help. You didn’t study long enough or didn’t have any interest in learning. First of all in karate you need to be dedicated, interested and willing to learn.

    Always interested in fighting or what style is the best for fighting. There is really no best. Styles are different and teach different techniques to use in defense offense. However it is the size of the fight in the dog not the size of the dog in the fight. Really the difference is the instructor. I’ve always said with the exception of ATA that there aren’t any bad styles, just bad instructors.

  8. Nicos Aloneftis says:

    There is no best martial art OFC, but Jeet Kune Do is the best just so you know!
    Nah, I’m just joking, cause I’m bored to give a good answer… D:

  9. Eric says:

    With proper training and technique, any martial art can be the best. The only thing you want to think about is what do you want to be good at kicking, punching or grappling?

  10. John Blackwell says:

    Always interested in fighting or what style is the best for fighting. There is really no best. Styles are different and teach different techniques to use in defense offense. However it is the size of the fight in the dog not the size of the dog in the fight.

  11. Garrett says:

    No one style is better than an other. What is better the partitioner. With that said each Art does have its strengths and weakness. Some do better on the ground, some are better with kicks or punches, some are better with joint locks or submissions.
    Such as Muay Thai, Katate and Kick-boxing focus on stand-up, while JuJitsu, Wrestling, and BJJ focus on ground work. So no one Art is better then another, it is simply the practitioner that is better at his/her Art.
    I personally prefer Judo and Kick-boxing out of these four options.
    Kick-boxing is something that most pick-up and are able to effectively use faster than the others as well.
    Judo is very effective, has many uses and the basics are easy for most to pick up as well. Karate is effective, but takes much longer for most to be able to use effectively foe self-defense.

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