What is the best martial arts for self defense?

What do you think is the best type of martial arts a person can learn for self defense in a normal street fight?

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5 Responses to What is the best martial arts for self defense?

  1. Clem says:

    The art of pepper spray.

  2. Jrock17 says:

    Krav Maga

  3. pwned says:

    Boxing. i was naive growing up watching m.m.a but boxing is amazing.

  4. Rikashiku says:

    Don’t look for a good martial art, but look for a good gym. I doubt you can find every single martial art in the world in your area.

    Just don’t join combat sports like BJJ, Muay Thai or Kickboxing.

  5. Kokoro says:

    Martial arts is not about a moronic street fright it’s about self defense, there is a difference

    styles are made to adapt to your body type

    There is no best style.
    They will all work as long as you train right and have a good instructor.

    Your size, body type and sex have nothing to do with the style you want to choose. People that think that your size and body type determine the style know little to nothing about martial arts

    Most people will tell you there style is the best or they heard such and such is a great style,
    The style is not important, what matters is how good your instructor is and how you train. The style is secondary, they all have there pro’s and con’s there are no superior styles.
    If you have an instructor that can’t teach you how to fight, regardless of the style, what good would it do you?

    Choose a school with a good instructor in the end that’s all that matters, that and how you train.
    Its the person that has the ability to fight not the style

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